The 20/20/20 Practice Session

Dan Gold
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Lacking focus in your golf practice sessions renders them almost useless

People are most motivated to practice when they have their sights set on a clear and defined goal.

Unfortunately, this level of specificity is often hard to come by when you're using those generic practice programs provided by golf courses and public golf facilities.

Although you shouldn’t feel as if you are “missing” anything, the programs do leave a lot of room for improvement. For example, there is a seemingly low level of specificity in terms of target audience and golf shot.

Specifically, the vast majority of practice programs focus on “teaching” golf but do so in a way that misses the mark.

How? Well, the use of certain generic terms like “shot” and “practice” does not provide you with the level of specificity needed to better prepare yourself for your next round of golf.

Segment 1: Chipping & Putting

For this segment, I would recommend practising Chipping and putting practice.

The purpose of this segment is to improve your chipping and putting skills. In this session we will work on distances from chip and putt from 6-12 Yards and 2-5 yards.

Note: You should set up a free standing ball marker about 2 yards behind the hole which would be the end of your practice session. This will be your goal to practice each individual set. This will save you time and a lot of lost balls. Also note that putting practice sessions should not take more than 10 minutes maximum or you will lose interest and not enjoy the practice session.

How to Perform

{1}. Find 3 similar terrain areas where you can hit some chip shots.
{2}. Set up first area at 6 yards from your ball marker.
{3}. Try to chip your ball into the hole
{4}. record how many times you have hit the ball into the hole
{5}. now move to a new area, just a few yards further and try to chip your ball into the hole.
{6}. again record how many times you have hit the ball into the hole.
{7}. move to a third area, this time about 5 yards further from the first area and try to chip your ball into the hole.
{8}. record how many times you have hit the ball into the hole.

Segment 2: Wedge Play

Segment 3: Challenge Shots

Segment 4: Putting

Segment 5: Short Game Goals

Segment 7: Bogey Buster

Segment 8: Working On Your Chipping Technique

Segment 3: Full Swings