Best Divot Repair Tools 2022

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Are you a heavy divot fixer? If your golf game is needing some serious work, you’ll need some of the best golf divot tools 2022.

A lot of golfers get frustrated with their divot repair jobs or simply can’t afford expensive tools to keep their greens looking nice. But, that’s where we can help you out.

We’ve put together a list of the best divot tools on the market. Each of the products is sharp enough to cut the dirt, sturdy enough to make nice deep impressions, and compact enough to slip in your golf bag and take with you.

We’ve also included a couple of inexpensive options that will get the job done.

These are the best divot tools on the market right now.

Pitchfix Divot ToolBest OverallPitchfix Divot Tool
Callaway 4-in-1 Divot Repair ToolBudget PickCallaway 4-in-1 Divot Repair Tool
Birdicorn The 6-in-1 Golf Divot ToolUpgrade PickBirdicorn The 6-in-1 Golf Divot Tool

1. Pitchfix Divot Tool

Our rating: 9 / 10

Pitchfix Divot Tool

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  • Effective and convenient
  • Very lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great for maintaining golf courts
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Sturdy multi-tool
  • Easy to recruit friends and family to pitch-in to cover divots
  • Quick and easy to fill in divots
  • Versatile


  • The peg for the ball marker can be a bit difficult to pull out
  • To fill in a big divot requires a lot of tool
  • The peg can be too flimsy for bigger divots
  • The metal prong can rip up the green depending on the length it's inserted

The Pitchfix divot repair tool is an easy-to fix solution for golfers looking to keep their course holes in good shape. It’s a set of three tools that complete provides a durable solution for any round of golf.

The Pitchfix tool is also very inexpensive meaning golfers can pack a couple in their golf bag without much worry. They’re lightweight and small enough that it makes it easy to slip into a pocket.

They’re also so quick that you’ll have no problem recruiting friends and family to pitch in with you.

2. Team Golf NFL Divot Tool

Our rating: 9 / 10

Team Golf NFL Divot Tool

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  • Ultra-portable
  • Removable ball markers
  • Premium magnetic rattle ball
  • Works with all divots around the green
  • Has a 1-year warranty

Team Golf's NFL divot tool is number one on our list as it functioned great, customized to just about any NFL team, and also looks fantastic with vibrant colors. It is one of the available options for NFL team golf products.

This is a well-made divot tool with plenty of versatility which makes it suitable for any golf course. Three removal ball markers allow you to choose your favorite team, and the magnetic ball also has a removable magnet featuring the team’s name and logo.

The divot tool is super-convenient thanks to the built-in ball marker. This tool has a handy magnet that allows it to be hung on the cage of your golf bag so it isn’t lost in any of the nooks and crannies of your other stuff.

3. Amy Sport Golf Divot Repair Tool and Ball Marker Switchblade Black Blue Curve Value Pack

Our rating: 9 / 10

Amy Sport Golf Divot Repair Tool and Ball Marker Switchblade Black Blue Curve Value Pack

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  • An ingenious idea
  • Sturdy design
  • Automatic pop-up

The Amy Sport Golf divot repair tool and ball marker switchblade is an ingenious idea that everyone is sure to love. What makes this divot repair tool so special is that it's a switchblade! It's portable, durable, and very sturdy.

The ball marker has numbers so you can track your scores on a course. It has 7 magnetic ball markers, and comes with 10 divot repair tools so you can fix your game and help the grass grow back.

The ball marker also includes these helpful tips to improve your game:

4. Scotty Cameron TITLEIST Divot Pivot Tool

Our rating: 8 / 10

Scotty Cameron TITLEIST Divot Pivot Tool

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  • Durable but light weight
  • Resists corrosion pretty well
  • Smooth and consistent in operation
  • Save time in the long run
  • Comes with a case


  • A few customers complained of the case
  • Pivot needs to be replaced often
  • The screw sometimes comes loose and you need to fix it
  • It’s quite expensive

In my own research for the best divot repair tool, I have found that customers are unanimous in giving it a five-star rating. Scotty Cameron's TITLEIST Pivot Tool is a divot repair tool that will allow you to make holes in the green by placing a ball marker over the divot repair tool and then using the TITLEIST TIN CAN to screw a divot repair tool into the green.

It is well-made and allows for a smooth levering motion. It's very lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around. It's also a little bit flashy, which makes it fun to use.

The TITLEIST Pivot Tool is a revolutionary divot repair tool which offers a faster, easier routine when repairing your divots. It is also inexpensive to purchase and to repair. It's a great product, but unfortunately, it's a little on the pricey side.

5. Team Golf MLB Divot Tool

Our rating: 8 / 10

Team Golf MLB Divot Tool

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  • 3 metal ball markers
  • Magnetic back
  • Compact
  • Perfect for parties
  • Cheap price
  • Durable
  • Great gift for golfers and baseball fans
  • Pocket-sized for convenience
  • Metal body and handles


  • Magnetic back
  • Sturdy and small tool
  • Great for golfers and baseball fans
  • Double-sided enamel pins
  • Small and handy

6. Callaway 4-in-1 Divot Repair Tool

Our rating: 8 / 10

Callaway 4-in-1 Divot Repair Tool

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  • 4-in-1 tool
  • Great design
  • Does not take up too much space in your golf bag

If you love the game of golf, you should definitely carry a divot repair tool as one of the items in your golf bag. The Callaway 4-in-1 Divot Repair Tool is a must-have for every golf bag. It’s a 4-in-1 tool with a magnetic ball mark finder clip, divot mix tool, fine threaded rake and a retractable pencil.

Pro: The retractable pencil is eliminated if you prefer the actual divot repair tool. This is a great design as the tool is most important – but adding the pencil in there is a handy option.

Pro: The clip that holds the tool in place in your golf bag also allows for easy access when you're on the golf course and you need to mark your ball.

7. Birdicorn The 6-in-1 Golf Divot Tool

Our rating: 7 / 10

Birdicorn The 6-in-1 Golf Divot Tool

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  • 100% steel construction
  • Available in six colors and 17 patterns
  • Collapsible and portable
  • Magnetic ball marker included
  • Great gift idea
  • Lifetime warranty

The Divot Repair Tool from Birdicorn is a serious tool for golfers who want to keep their greens in tip-top shape. Instead of just one tool, this handy divot repair tool comes with six functions, including: a putter, a divot repair tool, a tool for reaching water and sand, a screwdriver, a ball marker, and a knife.

Other than its unique design, the Birdicorn is made from steel with a chrome finish. It is extremely durable and built to last. The golf ball marker is magnetic, and it comes in a range of colors, from the traditional flag pattern to a multi-color star pattern.

It’s available in one color and 17 patterns, from hearts to diamonds and a lot more. It’s made for the avid golfer who wants to get things done in a jiffy, and it lives up to that promise. You’ll find that it’s as functional as it is fun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best golf divot repair tool?

The golf divot repair tool’s main job is to reseed and repair the sliced-up turf that results from repairing your divot.

You can find a lot of different types of divot repair tools on the market including spoons, trowels and scoops. The best golf divot repair tool by far is the traditional shovel. It allows you to fix the divot, and reseed the turf with the same object.

I do not recommend the scoops or spoons. Both require you to use different tools to repair your divot. The traditional shovel is much easier. It is also more versatile. It can be used as a regular scoop, or used to scoop your ball out of a lake or water hazard.

Do I need a divot tool?

Besides marking your ball with your personal logo and brand, a divot repair tool is one the best golf gadgets to have. It’s a tool specifically designed to repair ball marks on your green.

With how soft the greens are these days, it’s nearly impossible not to leave an indentation when you try to putt. A divot repair tool is much smaller than your putter and much easier to use. Plus, it’s great for carrying around in your pocket or golf bag. You’ll want to completely repair any ball mark to keep your green looking perfect.

However, know that some courses do not allow divot tools, and if you’re part of a tournament, they will take your tool away before you start.

What is a divot repair tool?

A divot repair tool is a device used by golfers to fill holes and repair divots on the golf course when the ball does not settle in the grass. Divot tools are usually crafted from a strong metal similar to that of a golf club and are fitted with a long handle for ease of use. They are used by golfers when the ball lands outside the fairway and are usually carried in a bag. The long handle comes in handy when the ball lands in a place too rough to walk. Many golfers carry multiple divot tools in case the first has been broken by way of damage to or from golf clubs during course play or transport.

Why do I need a divot repair tool?

How do you make a divot repair tool in golf?

There are many different kinds of golf divot repair tools, all with benefits and drawbacks. For a DIY divot repair tool, you’ll need a divot tool, a small tool, a pencil, a string, and a knife.

For the string, you’ll want to use anything between 18 and 20 grams. There are many different brands of golf pencils, and each will require a different length. In general, the lighter your divot repair tool, the better. A lighter divot repair tool will be easier to work with, and will pack down better in the grass.


The all-new Model golf rake has been our favorite divot repair tool for years now. The long handle makes it easy to reach grass that a butter knife just can’t get to. It also has a magnet for collecting your lost golf ball markers so you don’t have to bend over to search for them. However, if you prefer a shorter, more traditional looking design, then the Wilson golf rake is a great option available at a lower price point.

Our Recommendation

Pitchfix Divot ToolBest OverallPitchfix Divot Tool
Callaway 4-in-1 Divot Repair ToolBudget PickCallaway 4-in-1 Divot Repair Tool
Birdicorn The 6-in-1 Golf Divot ToolUpgrade PickBirdicorn The 6-in-1 Golf Divot Tool