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There are several popular woods to consider when you’re looking to buy a fairway wood for women.

Woods are all-round clubs that help you make consistent and accurate shots from fairways. They are used from rough or tight lies, but they also offer a different feel to a driver.

With the amount of options available, you should narrow down your preferences to a few models to better match your skill level and style to be guided with the final choice.

Here are my top recommendations for the best fairway woods for women.

2018 Cobra Golf Women's King F8 FairwayBest Overall2018 Cobra Golf Women's King F8 Fairway
TaylorMade Golf M6 Women's Fairway WoodBudget PickTaylorMade Golf M6 Women's Fairway Wood
Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Fairway WoodUpgrade PickCallaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Fairway Wood

1. 2018 Cobra Golf Women's King F8 Fairway

Our rating: 10 / 10

2018 Cobra Golf Women's King F8 Fairway

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  • Available in multiple colors
  • It looks great with cooler, more casual style clothing
  • Best for beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Well-balanced
  • Price is reasonable
  • Incredibly forgiving on difficult lies
  • You can get up to 20 yards in distance with the right swing
  • It has a good solid feel
  • It is very easy to launch


  • It does not come with a head cover
  • The head cap is made out of a soft plastic
  • The club head is large and isn't a precise driver
  • The shaft is on the shorter size
  • It is not played by professionals

2. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Fairway Wood

Our rating: 9 / 10

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Fairway Wood

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3. Tour Edge Golf

Our rating: 8 / 10

Tour Edge Golf

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Despite being a women’s fairway wood, the Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3 Draw Fairway is built to offer every golfer a challenge. It includes an adjustable hosel to optimize draw or fade shots. It is a great club to use to bring a hook or slice shot back on line if you prefer to play with your clubface open or closed.

The higher loft helps with the forgiveness angle and stopping power, while the design is very forgiving with superior sound, feel, and control. It is ideal for mid-handicappers and better golfers who want a fairway wood that will let them play with more accuracy.

This club feels very natural and boasts a good control with a solid sound. It comes with a graphite shaft that is light at 45 inches. It weighs in at approximately 263 g.

4. Callaway Golf 2018 Women's Rogue Fairway Wood

Our rating: 8 / 10

Callaway Golf 2018 Women's Rogue Fairway Wood

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  • Also comes in a 16 degree option
  • Milled CNC face insert
  • Easy to hit and forgiving
  • Available in a variety of lengths and lofts
  • Narrower sole to the r15 fairway wood
  • Dual crown slot for stability and forgiveness
  • A low CG location for distance and high launching
  • Better spin than the r15 fairway woods


  • Smaller profile at address
  • Lightweight construction
  • Parallels the r15 fw but with less flare
  • Some lofts are offered in a 15 degree only
  • No adjustable weights

The Callaway RV driver is ideal for both women and men looking for a forgiving fairway wood that works well off the tee. This club is the first fairway wood out of the Callaway stable for the 2018 season. The RV uses a milled CNC face insert that provides more forgiveness to low and high handicap women golfers.

5. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Fairway Wood

Our rating: 7 / 10

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Fairway Wood

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  • Nice playing weight
  • Solid feel
  • Looks good
  • Nice dynamic sound
  • Soft enough for longer shots
  • Very forgiving
  • Can get distance from tee and fairway
  • Great for women players
  • Good value for price
  • Great option for a 3 wood distance and versatility


  • Grip feels a little tacky, but not too bad.
  • Ball won’t go as far as a driver, and no shots hit off the tee will get you very far.
  • Graphite shaft is on the flexible side of average
  • Head cover feels a little cheap
  • Distance could be longer for women

The Callaway Golf Mavrik Fairway Wood is a great looking club. The color of the club is what really caught my eye. It has a blue pearl finish that looks really nice. It has a look all its own. The club head is ade out of high grade titanium allows it to handle plenty of swings. The club looks great and feels just as nice in the hands. This club is lighter than most fairway woods.

6. TaylorMade Golf M6 Women's Fairway Wood

Our rating: 6 / 10

TaylorMade Golf M6 Women's Fairway Wood

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  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable feel
  • Great for the value
  • Easy to hit
  • For women only


  • Not for beginners
  • Steep learning curve
  • Not good for long shots
  • May not last long

The TaylorMade Golf M6 Women's Fairway Wood was built with a smaller sized head for smaller grips, so it's meant for smaller hands. The shaft is light and flexible and comes with graphite reinforcement. You'll find the black and white color scheme to be pretty sharp.

You're cooled by the 400-gram club head and find it has a high MOI (moment of inertia) at a mere 181 grams. You can swing relatively fast and find you get more distance with the M6 Fairway Wood than with other clubs you've tried. You love the head cover.

You love the M6's smooth loft face design, which allows you to get plenty of loft on your shots – without a lot of draw. The head is relatively small, which gives you more control over your shots.

7. HONMA Be ZEAL 535 Fairway Wood 2018 Right 3 15 Vizard Be ZEAL Graphite Regular

Our rating: 5 / 10

HONMA Be ZEAL 535 Fairway Wood 2018 Right 3 15 Vizard Be ZEAL Graphite Regular

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  • The steel shaft is very solid and adds a lot of strength to the clubs
  • Excellent value for money
  • Compact, well-made, and comfortable to use


  • A few customers have expressed concern about the durability of the clubs
  • The sound of the clubs can be a bit annoying

Flex 0.335

For that price range, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal than this HONMA Be ZEAL 535 wood set. This highly versatile fairway wood set offers a wide variety of shaft flexes, so it’s perfect for beginner and amateur golfers.

All the clubs in this set come in a graphite fiber. Moreover, they’re made of the traditional steel. Because of this, they’re far heavier and stronger than the clubs in the resin line, making these clubs more durable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the most forgiving fairway wood?

There are different ways than lie to measure the forgiveness of an fairway wood. Based on what we gathered in our research, the most forgiving fairway wood is the Callaway Big Bertha® Women's Fairway Woods. Why is this so? Because the manufacturer undertook a special study to see how it feels when a woman hits a golf ball from different lies. The Callaway Big Bertha® Women's Fairway Woods were designed to address all of them.

How so? The loft on those fairway woods is higher than on other fairway woods in the market. They provide a higher launch when it comes to the peak of its trajectory, increasing the distance in general while ensuring accuracy.

Here's a summary of the two different studies the manufacturer has conducted to further build the Callaway Big Bertha® Women's Fairway Woods:

Which is the best fairway woods in golf?

Setting up for a fairway shot is a bit different than for a driver and other long irons. The neutral setting is the best choice. The reason is a fairway wood is shorter than a driver and as a result has a larger face than the driver. Therefore, when you tee up a fairway wood, you’ll want to push the ball back to help compensate for the larger face.

The tendency is to want to push right behind the ball, giving you a slight draw. But with a fairway wood, it is better to push behind the ball, but towards the right side of your body. Most golfers will tell you that fairway woods are harder to hit than long irons. But the key is practice; hit a lot of fairway woods before you hit a driver.

What is the best 5 wood on the market?

The Callaway X2 Hot is easily one of the best fairway woods that you can find in the market for women. This wood is designed with a numerous technologies which make it not only one of the best woods for women but also the best woods for beginners.

You must have not heard of this brand correctly until now, but with the Callaway X2 Hot, you are assured to have a fairway wood that is designed by some of the best people in the industry or even the world. This wood has a lot of features that you will love.

The head of this wood is designed for women. The sole has a smaller area that is stable for women to easily hit the ball from a wide variety of distances.

Key features:

The independent standing bounce spectrum allows your club to be adjusted more properly now.

What type of fairway wood should I buy?

Many golfers prefer to use fairway woods because they are heavier than irons and thus easier to hit. This is especially true for women who may lack the strength needed to drive the ball long distances with irons. Fairway woods are excellent for shorter players and those who want to hit the ball farther. A hybrid-style club is a great choice for newer golfers. It’s heavier and thus more forgiving than a fairway wood and provides a higher ball trajectory. It’s also ideal for golfers who may not want to switch over to a fairway wood immediately due to financial reasons.

Hybrid clubs also have more loft than fairway woods, which makes them more forgiving if they miss the sweet spot.

If you know you’re going to be playing a lot of courses with trees and limited landing areas, the fairway wood is your best bet.


Choosing a fairway wood for women is not a complicated task. The various fairway woods that we recommend have been carefully chosen according to one simple criterion – they all feature women’s-specific features. This ensures that the clubs are easier to swing and that women can enjoy a golf experience that is as satisfying and rewarding as a man’s. Of course, all the clubs are great for men as well.

Our Recommendation

2018 Cobra Golf Women's King F8 FairwayBest Overall2018 Cobra Golf Women's King F8 Fairway
TaylorMade Golf M6 Women's Fairway WoodBudget PickTaylorMade Golf M6 Women's Fairway Wood
Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Fairway WoodUpgrade PickCallaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Fairway Wood