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Links are included to my recommended golf ball holders if you’re looking for a way to record and track your golf performance on the go.

Wondering Why You Need a Golf Ball Holder?

I’ve often found myself forgetting the distance I hit my last shot. I’m a decent golfer – but I’ve noticed there’s room for improvement in certain areas, such as fairway distance, sand shot distance, and approach shot distance.

I don’t want to spend money on a range finder when I can get the distances from an app next to my phone, which I always carry.

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of not knowing the distances of your shots, then you’ll know how important mobile golf apps are. For an inexpensive app, they are a great tool to track the distance of your last shot. Golfers often rely on their golf buddy or their partner to remember the club, shot, and distance of the last shot. Other golfers will make an old school note on a piece of paper that gets wet from the rain, smudged with dirt, or sits on the ground waiting to be picked up.

Golf Ball HolderBest OverallGolf Ball Holder
Neoprene Golf Ball HolderBudget PickNeoprene Golf Ball Holder
GreenBean All New Golf Ball HolderUpgrade PickGreenBean All New Golf Ball Holder

1. Golf Ball Holder

Our rating: 9 / 10

Golf Ball Holder

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  • Holds up to 6 golf balls
  • Allows you to quickly access your ball when you need it
  • Rubber layer on the base
  • Made of quality plastic material
  • Neoprene pouch included
  • Quick-draw release
  • Silver color metal
  • Affordable


  • Not ideal to use on longer high-impact drives as it gets loose
  • Does not fit all cart seats
  • Cartels can break plastic shaft
  • The holder cannot fit around a protective PVC layer on cart shafts

The Golf Ball Holder – PRO with Quick-Draw Release (Silver) is a cart accessory that makes it easier to access your golf balls. The holder can accommodate up to six balls, and has a quick-draw release.

It’s made of quality plastic material, and comes with a neoprene pouch. The holder can be mounted on a cart’s seat. It’s adjustable and can fit most cart seats.

The rubber layer on the base helps secure the holder on the seat. The holder also has a locking mounting plate for additional stability. This golf ball holder comes with 2 solar LED lights.

2. Neoprene Golf Ball Holder

Our rating: 8 / 10

Neoprene Golf Ball Holder

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  • This holder is made of durable neoprene which is both sturdy and durable
  • It comes with a clip that makes it easy to attach and take off the bag
  • Can hold 3 balls each
  • Great for people trying to teach their kids how to drive golf balls
  • This is the perfect accessory especially for people who enjoy playing golf in the park
  • Another amazing feature is that the golf balls don’t clash with the other items in your bag
  • This holder works well with all golf course environments


  • Some buyers could have experienced that the elastic wouldn’t last as expected
  • Some buyers could’ve experienced that the hair clip that attached the holder to the golf bag might not do its job properly

Other than that, the holder is indeed very useful and durable. It’s perfect for golf players who’d rather just focus on the hole instead of collecting their golf balls.

The holder’s simplicity sets it apart. A simple elastic band holds three ball bearings that should last for years. On one end, a fabric loop fastens around a golf bag. From all the clips I’ve tried over the years, this one is the most comfortable.

3. GreenBean All New Golf Ball Holder

Our rating: 7 / 10

GreenBean All New Golf Ball Holder

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  • Easy to remove
  • Attaches securely
  • Well-made
  • 2 yr warranty

The GreenBean All New Golf Ball Holder is the best golf ball holder due to its ease of use, adjustable band for standard golf bags, and premium overall design.

Students of golf know that one of the biggest complaints for novice players is losing their golf balls. However, this holder keeps your golf balls held up securely on a special adjustable holder in your golf bag. If you’re looking for a golf product to make your game simpler and more streamlined, this golf ball holder may be the perfect solution for your golf game.

The GreenBean All New Golf Ball Holder is made for standard golf bags. It can hold up to 21 golf balls and won’t slip off once it’s in place. It’s made of high-quality materials with a strong clip to ensure stable and secure use.

4. Clicgear Ball Clip

Our rating: 6 / 10

Clicgear Ball Clip

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  • Great value for the price
  • Solid construction
  • Works for both left and right handed golfers
  • Comes with a storage pouch
  • Easy to use – just push down on the ball and clip it in place


  • A bit finicky to use at first
  • Some users were disappointed that it doesn’t fit on all clubs
  • When clipped in place, it can block your view of the ball…not ideal for play on television.

The Clicgear golf ball holder makes a great companion for push carts, wheelchair carts, and walkers. It is easy to clip and remove. This golf cart ball holder is made of a sturdy plastic material and is resistant to rust. It can either be clipped onto the shaft of the golf club or attached to a club head cover.

This golf ball holder clips onto either the right or left hand side. It works well on either golf clubs or push carts and can be used by both left and right handed golfers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which golf ball is best for my swing speed?

Before you select a golf ball, you should have a fairly good idea of your current swing speed. Your golf ball needs to match that swing speed to maximize distance and accuracy. When selecting a golf ball, common acronyms to look for include:

For single digit swing speeds, generally look for solid core golf balls that are labeled with the letters 2,3,4, or 5.

For high-single digit swing speeds, you’ll want to look for a golf ball that’s labeled with a 6, 7, or 8.

For mid- to upper-double digit swing speeds a golf ball labeled with a 9 or higher is a good choice.

For very high swing speeds (90 mph and above) look for a golf ball labeled 9.5 or higher.

What is the best all around golf ball?

The best all around golf ball is the Titleist DT Solo Distance. It’s a perfect combination of distance and feel at a reasonable price.

The distance on these will definitely amaze you as you will be hitting the ball further with the DT Solo than most others you’ve used in the past. This is great for novice and intermediate players alike. The feel on this golf ball is also great. You will take away some of the unwanted slice that you may have been experiencing when you were using other golf balls in the past.

Another great feature is the durability. These golf balls are built to last. You can actually play a full 18 holes with them and make them last so that you don’t have to worry about constantly changing them out and taking time away from your game.

What is the best golf ball for the average golfer?

What golf balls do the pros use 2022?

There are multiple variations of golf balls used by the pros, and the most popular ones are the kinds that are introduced into the market. Many “first impressions” golf balls have been introduced in the market as of recent, and it might make your selection process a little bit more difficult.

The following are some of the most distinguishable golf balls:

  • Titleist Pro V1 and V1x
  • Top Flite Gamer, Pro V1x, and B330-RX
  • Titleist NXT Tour and NXT Tour S
  • Srixon Soft Feel, Z Star, and Z5
  • Bridgestone B330 and B330 RXS
  • Taylor Made TP 5, TP 5x, and TP 5 Tour

Here are some golf tips:


Good golf is all about consistency and precision, and the ability to make every single shot exactly the same. A golf ball holder can help you keep your hands steady, and your swing moving clockwise as you swing your club. If you are a consistent golfer, there are certain attributes that you must look for while perusing the market. This guide highlights all such important features that you should consider while finalizing your purchase.

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Golf Ball HolderBest OverallGolf Ball Holder
Neoprene Golf Ball HolderBudget PickNeoprene Golf Ball Holder
GreenBean All New Golf Ball HolderUpgrade PickGreenBean All New Golf Ball Holder