Everything You Need To Know About The 6 Types of Golf Clubs

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6 Types of Golf Clubs

A golfer can hit a golf ball farther using these irons. The good thing about irons is that is easier to hit a golf ball from inside large holes.

They are also lighter than woods which adds to the speed of the ball. Perfect for taking out casts.


(also called woods or fairway woods)

Drivers are the longest clubs in the bag and are designed to send the ball long distances, carrying potential and keeping the ball in the air for a long period of time.

Drivers generally have the most loft in their design and are appropriate for golfers who have longer strokes.

You should always try to have at least one driver in your bag as it is the most versatile golf club.

It is capable of performing well on most any type of shot, especially shots from the tee box.

The biggest thing in regards to making the most out a driver is dependent on your swing speed.

The longer the shaft the easier the club is to "hit." Men with long tee shots have a tendency to get more use out of a driver with a shaft length of at least 45 inches.

Fairway Woods

The first type of golf club is the fairway wood. This is basically a hybrid between the woods and the irons.

Fairway woods are essentially woods that have been designed to help golfers increase the distance they hit a ball and give more power.

The most useful fairway drivers are those that are between 4 and 9 degrees on a loft scale. The idea is that this will help them fly further and higher above the ground.

The modern fairway woods usually have a smaller sized face than the in the woods. They also have a smaller wedge club head and a deeper back.

This is also a very useful part of the golf club, and it helps them accomplish the same thing that the irons do.

One of the things to consider is the shape of the driver that you choose. There are some people who have a very long, straight tee shot.

This means that they are able to use, what is called a straight-back or neutral driver. If you are purchasing a driver, it is important to remember that you should get a driver than can fit what you are best suited for. Another factor you need to consider is how high you are likely to hit the ball. If you are looking for a driver with a low profile, choose a fairway wood that is around 4 degrees.


Hybrids are essentially a mixture of woods and irons – they have the long shafts and forgiving faces found in irons, but they are also easier to hit and longer than woods. They’re generally priced lower than the cheapest irons but higher than the cheapest woods.

The other important difference between hybrids and irons is the loft (or the amount of upward bend) of the club face: hybrids tend to have a loft of between 20° and 30°, while most irons are 30° and above. This means that hybrids are easier to use the best golf shot. This is because lower-lofted irons can’t be elevated as easily as hybrids to generate proper spin.

What’s the best hybrid? As a rule of thumb, avoid the tungsten-head hybrids; while they can generate plenty of power, they’re also stiff and can cause plenty of damage if they hit the ball off line. Steel-headed hybrids are more forgiving and offer better feedback.

If you’ve never used hybrids before, you may want to start off with a shallow-lofted club. This way, you’ll get the opportunity to get used to them before trying out the heavier models.


Vs. Fairway Woods

Even with the more complex game of golf, there are six different types of golf clubs available. Two of the clubs can be used at any given time during the game and the order in which they are used depends on personal preference, experience and skill level. There are sets of clubs that are pre-packaged and sold in stores, but you can also get them separately to accommodate your personal preferences. Unfortunately, irons and fairway woods aren’t interchangeable.

Iron-A golf club used to hit the ball a long distance and is very similar to the irons you would use to work your way around the kitchen. There are various types which include fairway woods, hybrids, and even blade irons. They have larger faces than smaller clubs to help the ball travel further with each hit.

Though this club was the first golf club invented, it is still very popular because it has many uses. These clubs are a mixture of woods and irons and are built with a shorter face and a thicker sole to help them hit the ball further. A lot of golfers have switched from using irons only to using fairway woods as their everyday clubs, but if you’re new to the game it’s advised that you stick with either irons or a combination of irons and fairway woods.


Wedges are the most versatile of the game’s clubs. They are wedge-shaped clubs that are designed to keep the ball closer to the green by lofting it higher into the air. Wedges are most commonly used for finesse shots around the green, like pitching. But they can also be used for a variety of subtle shots from anywhere on the course.

”All a wedge is,” said arborist and golf teacher Andy Shaw, ”is a plane in the sky.”

Wedges range in loft, with high-lofted wedges more accurate than low-lofted wedges. Wedges are also available with different degrees of bounce, or the forward-backward angle of the face.

Higher bounce wedges, like the sand wedge, result in more spin on the ball. These wedges are traditionally used in bunkers, especially to hit out of sand traps, but they also are useful for tap-ins.

Low bounce wedges like the lob wedge, on the other hand, do not create as much spin. Low bounce wedges are most often used on soft, or receptive, turf and for finesse shots around the green.

Beginners should start with a 52-degree wedge and a sand wedge, while experts have multiple wedges of different lofts and bounce.


How Many Clubs Are Allowed In A Golf Set

A golf club set is composed of 14 clubs and each club serves a different function.

Drivers are the longest golf clubs, which are designed to hit the tee shot. Iron clubs are in the middle of the set and are used for full shots.

Wedges are closer to the short game and are used to make shots from the fairway bunker or a green. Putters are used to make a short, accurate shot near the green.

Golf Club Selection Chart

There are many different variations of golf clubs. There are the woods, the irons, the wedges and the putter. Golfers who play regularly will have a set of each, but not everyone would know which golf clubs to be using at each stage of their game. Having all the golf clubs is definitely better than having just a few, but it can be quite a challenge to know which golf clubs to use at each stage of your game.

In this post, we will discuss the different types of golf clubs, their intended purpose, as well as how to use them to their best advantage.

To make sure you make the right choice, we are going to provide you with a short guide to golf clubs selection when you are heading to a pro shop or online to buy golf clubs.

How to choose the right golf club

The golf club is obviously going to be the most important tool that you use on the golf course. That is why it is critical to understand what your golf club choices are so that you can select one that best fits your level of play. The golf club that you select should also fit your budget and your personal needs.

Fortunately, there are a variety of golf clubs to choose from, and we will discuss exactly what each one of them is in detail.

If you are a beginner golfer, you are going to have several questions about what you should buy. In this article, we will discuss the six most common golf clubs that you can buy and how each one of them will benefit your game.

Of course, you can always use a combination of golf clubs to fit an individual need. You do not have to carry a new golf bag every time you want new clubs. When you buy the clubs individually, you can add them or take them away from your bag as you see fit.

5 Top Golf Club Brands

Over the years there have been many top club manufacturers on the scene; some are still around while others have changed or even been absorbed into the others. I’ve listed some here and where applicable also listed the original founders of the companies.

Acushnet Company: Founded in 1892 by Alvan Z. Acushnet Sr., this was the first company to sell golf equipment to the public. In 1895 they began selling graphite-shafted golf clubs, including the first steel-shafted golf club.

By the time Acushnet passed on in 1915, the company had become the largest golf club maker in the world.

The company also invented the name Wilson for former President Woodrow Wilson.

Today the Acushnet Company is owned by Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Callaway Golf: Founded by Ely Callaway in 1982, this company made the breakthrough when it introduced titanium as a shaft metal for golf clubs.

Jim McLean was a fellow founder in the company and Ely sold his ownership in Callaway in 2000, leaving Jim and a group of investors to continue on.

Today the company’s Tour division is a major sponsor of the PGA Tour; its clubs are made at its Carlsbad, California golf club facility.


Matt Kuchar, Callaway Golf’s most recent “brand ambassador”, was introduced to the world on an ESPN golf special hosted by Rick Reilly on January 21st, 2015. In this special, Kuchar spoke about the types of clubs he uses, and how he gets more distance with them than previous models.

As a brand ambassador for Callaway Golf, Matt Kuchar had a busy schedule in 2014. Golf tournaments are almost always accompanied by press conferences, charity activities and prescheduled photo shoots.

A famous golfer has to have a brand of well-branded golf clubs, and he has to stick to that brand. He can’t simply dream of being able to perform better than the fans expect him to if he’s using a model that’s outdated or under-performing. The Callaway Golf PH-MB irons are known to have a MAXBURST band that gives the driver the ability to provide optimal performance to help golfers achieve distance that they never thought was possible with a single stroke.


A golf club is a long, narrow, and staved or slightly curved piece of wood or other material with a specially designed grooved striking surface attached to its lower end. The part of the club used to strike the golf ball is commonly known as the club head. A golf club is the principal piece of equipment used in the sport of golf. Together, the golf ball and the club head are known as the golf equipment. The term golf club originally referred to the person who struck the ball, as golf was played in the game of “golf” (i.e., the players themselves were known as golfers; see History of golf for an early reference). Over the history of the sport, golf clubs have evolved from being made of wood, to hickory shafts and handles with a simple whalebone or leather for a grip, to hollow metal shafts and wooden, ivory, or rubber handles. Golf clubs are also called golf clubs, golf equipment, or golfing paraphernalia.


Despite what you might think, these are not the perfect irons for beginners. They could be the best, but only when you are an advanced golfer. These have a great precision and are very forgiving.

These long irons are used by a lot of golfers who play as a single digit handicapper.


588 RTX 2.0 Irons

If something happens to a club, or the golfer wants to change something about it then there are a few options.

But just how many options are there?


These constitute a full set of clubs. They are all types of clubs that golfers make use of.

One thing that many golfers do not necessarily do is keep their clubs clean. Golf clubs may not be the most important item in your house, but no matter how humble they may be they are still something that you are going to use.

And if you are going to use something you are going to want them to be clean.

If you have a set of woods, you are going to want to make sure that they are clean. If you would like to keep them clean, then you may want to check out these cleaning instructions. One of the things that you may want to consider cleaning is the grooves. The grooves in the woods are something that is going to allow you to have a better grip on the ball while you swing. So you will want to make sure that these grooves are going to be kept clean.


When choosing a golf club, it is important to decide what kind of shot you want to be able to hit, and which clubs are best for that type of shot. While you can make solid contact with most any of the golf clubs, there are some that you just can’t use if you want to sink in a long putt or hit a long drive.

Here is a quick guide to the six types of golf clubs, how they are used, and which ones are best suited for you.


The driver is the longest of the golf clubs, and is used for hitting balls the farthest of all the clubs in the bag. The way to determine the right size of golf club is to stand the golf club up behind you and check to make sure it is not touching your shirt. The driver should be about an inch behind the collar.

Fairway Wood:

This club is used after the tee shot and can be used in a similar manner as a driver, only it is not used as often because there isn’t as much distance on the shot that it offers.

It is only used when the distance between the tee and the green is fairly long.

4 Tips To Take Care Of Your Golf Clubs

When you hit the golf course, you want to feel confident and in control of your game. If your golf clubs have lost their stiffness, chances are that you might not be able to nail that perfect swing.

So here’s a quick tip from Martin Chuck on how you can take care of your golf clubs without breaking the bank: