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Blake Thomas

You are special. You know it, and I know it. Now Blake Thomas knows it.

“This is not about how good the player is. It’s about how good the Player can be,” says Blake. “All golfers have the potential to achieve excellence. It’s the maintenance of a higher level of performance that challenges the successful golfer the most.”

‘Blake Thomas’s distinctive approach to teaching has opened up a whole new world of golf to me. I didn’t realize my swing was a physical challenge until I had his number-one fix: The Arc-Back-Two.’ ”

‘My golf has improved in ways I didn’t believe possible.’ ~Adam Gross

‘I have had my short game saved in the last eight tournaments thanks to Blake’s Five Keys to the Short Game.’ ~Bryon Smith

Jay Bowden


Jay has played golf for 50 years or so, in the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, South Carolina, and the Orient (Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Tokyo, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand).

He has taught at multiple golf schools, written over three hundred magazine articles, published fifteen instruction books, and produced a dozen instructional DVDs. He has taught thousands of golfers, and thousands have read his golf books and magazines and watched his DVDs.

Nick Bova

When you think of the golf swing, you might imagine the highly complex multi-joint movements of the pro’s. Interestingly, that is not how pros learn the basics. They learn just a few components of the swing. Then they use those components to move the club in the right path in the right direction.

Nick Bova™ is an awesome way to teach golfers to create a near 90 degree angle (the prone plane) between the arm and the body. This will ensure that every shot is struck from the same angle and path. You do not have to move your arm to get into the club. Learn how to use your body to move your arms.

Nick Bova has been scoring and winning in the low ’70s since he was 16 years old. Throughout his life, he has played on some of the greatest courses in the world and trained with some of the best teachers.

Here is some of his Golf Badges: American Golf, Golf Club Technology, Club Designer, 101 Advantage, Golf Geometric, Wood Badge, Texas PGA Senior, USA Medalist, Member of New York Match Play.

Jeff Isler

Kiel Alderink

Stephen Arnold

Stephen has taught at the University of San Francisco, Stanford University, the San Francisco Golf Club, Burlingame Golf & Country Club, and the Olympic Club. He has also been a guest presenter at the PGA West Golf Academy. In 2004, he was awarded the Texas State Golf Association’s Teacher of the Year.

Stephen has an easy going personality with a deeply analytical nature. He spends much of his free time getting feedback and training from some of the best instructors in the country.

His key specialties are improving swing tempo, speed and sequence; refining an individual’s mechanics; and achieving proper body position and a repeatable swing plane in golfers of all levels.

Stephen also has a special knack for helping golfers suffering from debilitating injuries play pain free.

Vincent Prather

As you all know I am a big fan of Vincent Prather. I think his lessons are some of the simplest ways to improve your golf game. There are some subtle things in his swing and his tips that many instructors overlook.

Practice them all and you will hit it longer and straighter.

Vincent has over 15 years experience in the golf industry. He is also an award winning author of numerous golf books and is a columnist for Golf Magazine’s annual Golf School magazine. He also served as an Instructor for the Golf Channel’s Worldwide Teaching Tour and a Resident Director for the Golf Channel Academy at the Doral Hotel.

He conducts private lessons, clinics, corporate retreats, and group lessons for Junior Golf Camps.

I have personally taken lessons from him and can say that he is very knowledgeable and will teach you how to play better.

His website has great tips and videos.

Richard Massey

Richard Massey Golf Learning Center is the brainchild of industry-leading instructor Richard Massey. An instructor for more than three decades, Massey loves his work and is 100% dedicated to it. The center offers a whole host of golfing education and is located in three locations throughout Omaha, Nebraska.

One of the highlights of a visit to the center is the indoor simulators, which you can use at your convenience. The simulators have twenty-five station offerings, so you can vary your time and choose your favorite.

Some of these include: creating a personal swing, golf instructors interview, driving a golf ball, and shot game play. The simulators allow you to work on specific aspects of your game you want to improve on in a very safe, fun and interactive environment.

While Massey is a mainstay in the golf simulators he’s really a master of training the brain. Using mental rehearsal and imagination, Massey helps each individual see golf in entirely different light. He’s created a program that is easy to understand and makes perfect sense.

A golf trip to Omaha wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Richard Massey Golf Learning Center.

Martin Hall

Martin Hall is a former professional golfer who is now a recognized golf instructor teaching from his Arizona-based facility, the Digital Golf Academy.

Hall was a successful competitive golfer at the college level finishing sixth at the NCAA championships in 1988. He turned professional the following year and played on the PGA Tour in 1990.

Hall played for five years on the PGA Tour and two years on the Nationwide Tour before retiring from professional golf. During his playing career, he made 108 cuts in 162 events. His best finish was third place at the Buick Invitational in 1997. He was second at the Las Vegas Invitational and first at the Kentucky Governor’s Cup.

Hall studied mechanical engineering in college and landed a job in the engineering industry after graduating. He was mentored by golf instructor, Jim McLean, and focused on teaching for the following two and half years before turning professional.

During his teaching career, he accumulated a long list of different students each having their own unique goals. In addition to one-on-one lessons, Hall offers small group and group-training sessions at his facility. He also does clinics around the country as well as on-course coaching.

Bird Golf Academy North Carolina

Chances are you are here for one reason, to learn how to play golf better. Learning how to play golf is rapidly becoming one of the most popular activities in the world. Golf has become so popular because it is a game that can be played by almost anybody. You can learn golf at any age and level of fitness, and the better you get the more fun the game becomes.

But golf is more than just a fun leisure activity, it is a skill that requires great athletic ability, very good hand-eye coordination, and a clear mind. It is those mental and physical attributes that are most important to the success of the game.

It is because of that reason that Bird Golf Academy was started by Bojan Antunovic. At Bird Golf Academy you will learn from a professional golf instruction team that has been providing golf instruction to some of the best players in the world.

You will learn how to have proper golf technique, how to clear your mind to stay focused, how to master your shots, how to manage your course and game, how to perform under those stressful competitive conditions.

You will learn how to win! Golf is fun because it is a challenging game, but one that can be mastered by a dedicated individual. You will learn how to hit the right shots, clear your mind of all distractions and over a period of time make those shots you struggled to hit yesterday and the day before today become not only easy but automatic.

Bird Golf Academy at Turnberry Isle Miami

Bird Golf Academy at Turnberry Isle Miami opened in May 2012 by Greg Norman Golf Academy. The South Florida academy will operate as a satellite of the original Norman Florida location.

The 35,000-square-foot building that houses the academy at Turnberry Isle includes a 12-bay driving range, a 10-station putting green and 4,000 square foot golf instruction studio.

The studio is designed to look just like a professional golf shop, except that it has the latest in video teaching technology, computers, cameras, monitors and broadcast monitors.

The gymnasium will have state-of � ces for TGC Consulting, a corporate learning and consulting organization. TGC Consulting will bring traveling seminars and educational classes, including board room training and training for businesses in and around South Florida.

Bird Golf Academy Myrtle Beach

Having access to the beach has created the opportunity for Bird Golf Academy to be one of the few schools in the United States that can offer hands-on teaching with ocean views at a 5-star Myrtle Beach Resort.

The Bird family has been teaching and working with golfers for over 30 years and has become one of the best known golf instructional families in the country.

The Bird School is located on the North Course at the Caledonia Golf Club at the Country Club of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The head golf pro for this golf school is Anders Bird. He is joined by his wife, Rebecca, as well as their sons, Anders, Jr. and Stuart.

The best part…everything is located right on the North Course at the Country Club of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. This allows the ability to hit shots directly from three different tees and the beach in front of the school. The Bird family has created an intimate, friendly, and professional atmosphere in which to learn and enjoy golf.

The Bird Academy is a PGA Accredited Golf School using a combination of traditional instruction methods, with an emphasis on junior development. The Bird family has over thirty years experience teaching juniors and adults with great success.

Zach Woods

"Research shows that golfers who have access to individualized instruction take about 100 more putts per round. The key is identifying and eliminating weaknesses that keep you from playing your best."


Jeff Gabel – Private Instruction Coordinator

“I’m lucky to have had great teachers, from my first golf coach, Mike Zsidisin, to my amazing dad. Not all of us get that opportunity. That’s why I’m so committed to giving students the chance to learn from the Game’s Best Teacher.”


John Hobbins

John Hobbins is the director of instruction for the World Golf Village Resort and Golf Academy of Florida. He is a Florida PGA teaching professional who has served on the USGA’s Mid-Amateur Championship Selection Committee. He also serves as a USGA Rules Official and is the Hole in One contest chairman at World Golf Village. John is a Florida Golf Association and PGA member. John specializes in working with juniors, adults and seniors, as well as golfers with specific swing problems. He is also an author and has published several books on the game of golf.

Adam Young

Brandon Stooksbury

Andrew Rice

Andrew Rice has been teaching and coaching private and group instruction for over 13 years. He is an eight year veteran teacher with Stow Community High School Varsity Golf Coach within the Copley Athletic Department. He is a two year veteran of instruction and counseling at high school, middle school, private, and semi-private levels. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Roberts Wesleyan College. Andrew incorporates drills and practice into all aspects of the golf swing.

Shank and slice reduction, ball striking, and overall improvement are the cornerstones of Andrew’s golf game. His experience allows him to identify and attack weaknesses for virtually all aspects of the game including short game. Having played extensively on both the PGA and LPGA tours, Andrew can accurately dissect the swing of any golfer. Through positive reinforcement, Andrew has helped many students of all skill levels conquer their misconceptions and become the best golfer possible.

Nick Banks

Nick Banks is a top golf instructor from Raleigh, North Carolina. Nick has been a mainstay of the teaching profession since 2001, as a private instructor and as a PGA Master Professional. Nick is a passionate teacher who enjoys helping people of all ages and abilities improve their enjoyment of the game. Nick has a Masters in Science in Kinesiology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and he teaches the Golf Biomechanics Strength Program based on his collegiate research.

Nick offers primarily one-hour private golf lessons, one-hour group sessions, and five-day programs. Nick covers all areas of the game, from short game to full swing. He produces rapid gains for beginning golfers and can help those with advanced skills get to the next level.

Nick’s students have grown steadily since 2001, and he has developed relationships with many satisfied customers.