6 Fundamental Tips For Beginner Golfers

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6 Tips For Beginner Golfers

Even with the best possible body mechanics, a golfer with a poor golfing posture will not be able to produce consistent shots. Bad posture can result in many problems.

It can affect your body balance.

It can give you a poor swing plane.

It can affect your swing timing.

It can affect your posture stability.

Your swing is very much affected by your posture. So it is necessary to develop a great posture especially when you are a beginner.

Good posture will keep your body in balance therefore giving you enough strength to make a solid swing. If you develop proper posture you will also find that your swings are going to be consistent even under pressure.

The first step to developing a good posture is to ensure that you bring the club into your body by pivoting your body towards the target.

This blade action will ensure that your front knee closes towards the target and your balance is more centered.

This will provide you more stability because your weight will be balanced.

Check alignment every time you play

This is perhaps the single most important tip for beginner golfers. Of course, every golfer should be concerned about his or her alignment. And every golfer should take steps to improve his or her alignment. What beginners must remember, though, is that the more alignment they fix, the more other fundamentals they improve.

I remember a situation very early in my golf-life, shortly after taking a lesson for alignment, when I was standing over a putt. I found that I was a little left of the cue-ball, and I knew that I needed to move right. I picked up some chalk, drew an X on the ground at my feet to depict the center of my stance, and then I took a reading from where I stood to the X. I wanted to know where my center of stance should be.

After I had done this, I made sure that my clubface was on the target line. I took this to be absolute, because my instructor had told me it was and because it made intuitive sense to me.

Then I turned my alignment to all of the points on my pre-shot routine.

Once I had done this, I looked over the putt, calmed myself and put the putt in play.

Make your stance solid

The stance is the most fundamental element of your golf game. If you get your stance right, everything will follow.

To determine where to place your feet, start with your ball position. Then step in the direction you will hit the ball, your right foot towards the target line, your left behind your right. Your goal is to get as close to an athletic position as possible, where your weight is on the balls of your feet and your knees are slightly bent.

The edge of your right foot, not the inside or outside edge, should line up with your target line. You may need to shift your left foot slightly left or right to achieve this.

Make sure your looking of your feet is in line with your hands.

The edge of your back foot should line up with the edge of your front foot so that your knees don’t cross over one another.

Another way to determine your stance is to stand straight with your normal posture and gently bend forward at the waist and knees and place your hands as if you were holding a club. You are aiming for a similar position in relation to your hips, knees, and feet.

Once you have found your stance take a practice swing to make sure the club will travel where you intend.

Marry your golf grip

While you’re working on free practice swings to build a consistent swing tempo, it’s easy to watch the mechanics of your grip and swing, but it’s a lot harder to actually feel your left hand pressure on the club, especially if your grip is inconsistent.

To figure out your optimal grip pressure point, place your left hand on the handle with the thumb pointing to the right. Then put your right hand on the club and feel the pressure points.

Lower body should be the leader

The most important fundamental of all is the lead upper body versus the chase lower body.

Your lower body should be leading as your upper body follows and helps make the club face square.

The following are six fundamental tips for beginner golfers which will help you to enjoy the sport and be successful:

  • Grip the club firmly and let it rest in the fingers behind the club face. The wrist should have a strong top hand, and the bottom hand should provide a barrier for the club face.
  • If anything, the club face should face a bit to the left of the target as opposed to square.
  • The correct ball position is when the butt (tail) of the ball is opposite your left heel.
  • Always keep the same swing plane and angle of the swing for every shot.
  • The less you try to hit the ball, the better the shot.
  • Put yourself in the situation where you need to hit the shot, then make a calculated swing.


Use lofted clubs

The first thing to look at is the clubs you have.

You will notice that clubs are marked with numbers. You can learn more about these in the manual that comes with the set.

But in a nutshell the numbering is there to indicate the size of the perimeter of the club head.

The smaller the number and the smaller the head, the easier the club is to get the ball into the air with.

This is called loft in the world of golf clubs and if you are a beginner you need to have a set with properly selected lofted clubs.

This will help you to hit the ball unrealistically far from the tee.

Par 3 course should be your destination

Par 3 courses are very common in golf. Experts suggest that you should always start off with a par 3 course before you move on to the longer par 4 and 5 courses. This is because they help you get used to the length of the clubs, the way you putt and how the ball moves.

Even golfers that think they know everything, can learn a thing or two from a par 3 course.

For example, you will learn that you don’t need to go too far away from the tee box. You don’t need to hit the ball very hard for it to travel the whole way there.

You will also learn that you need to think about the angle of approach. And finally you will learn that hitting the ball straight is so important in golf.

Following these lessons can greatly improve your success at all of the golf courses.