Golf Ball Speed: The King of Distance

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What Is Golf Ball Speed and Why Is It So Important?

The major manufacturers are constantly engaged in a race to develop better performing golf balls. Balls that send the ball screaming off the face of the club and provides a truer line for the backswing. Here is an interesting tidbit of information, though. Just a few years ago, the single most important factor in golf ball performance was the cover. Manufacturers were even going so far as to formulate more durable covers to produce longer distance from their balls. Now, there are new ultra-premium balls that can fly like a tour ball. It seems that the ball is now more important than how it flies or how it feels. What has happened? Is distance becoming the ultimate factor in golf ball performance? In one word, yes. Distance has become the dominant factor in golf ball performance.

How Does Ball Speed Change By Impact Location?

The perfect golf ball speed to improve distance and accuracy.

Mediocre golfers simply slice or hook their shots to their downfall. The professionals, however, aim at the middle of the clubface.

The optimal ball speed that will produce the maximum distance off the tee is at specific impact locations. The optimum speed can be found by adjusting the loft angle of your clubs or the ball position of the clubface.

Just like human kick, ball speed off the tee is greatly affected by the angle of the club face relative to the target line. The ball will take off with more speed when the clubface is completely opposite to the target line.

The angle at which the ball swings through the air and at the time it contacts the clubface affects the ball speed at impact. It is the reason why professional golfers adjust the loft angle of the clubs according to the distance they need to play for a specific hole.

As you start to make adjustments to the loft angle of the club (resulting in the effect of increasing or decreasing the ball trajectory angle), the ball speed off the tee changes.

How You Can Increase Your Golf Ball Speed

Do you ever wonder why those golfers who seemingly can’t break 90 still manage to drive it over 300 yards? Most golfers have only one thing on their mind: distance. They practice driving hundreds of golf balls on the range to gain yards.

The problem is that this only works to a point. Once you have reached a certain level, you can’t drive it it another ten yards unless you change some things.

That’s right; your drive is one key factor in your distance, but there’s more to it….

What you may not realize is that anything you can do to increase your swing speed, or maximize your club speed, will potentially increase your ball speed. The fastest golf balls in the world are driven with an average club head speed between 100 and 120 mph.

Impact Location Training

There are a million miles between where the golf ball sits on the grass and where it ends up. While the ball barely moves at impact, the clubhead is moving at 35-50 mph (as fast as a Corvette!). It’s this HUGE speed differential that creates a lot of the swish you hear and see on impact.

The faster the speed you can generate at impact, the more speed you can deliver to the ball.

This is why impact location is so important. By locating the ball more toward the leading edge of the club (controlling shot shape) and moving the point of impact back (for the driver, improving swing speed), you increase the speed of your clubhead.

The end result is more speed at impact, which means more distance.

If we want to hit farther, we need to get better at controlling ball shape and clubhead speed – and impact location training is the first step in doing just that.

Training Your Body to Move Faster

Wrapping It Up

The combination of skill, timing, technique and the right equipment is the key to achieving great golf ball distance.

Of course, every golfer will have his or her own style of playing the game, which may or may not involve counting the number of steps they take and timing every shot.

However, putting in the extra effort to maximize your offensive and defensive capabilities will definitely help you achieve better results in your game.

So, start reading through the rest of the guides in the golf section. Start practicing the drills and examine your weaknesses in your overall game.

Once done, you should be ready to play a real game again and actually enjoy it!