Golf Launch Monitor Guide: The Best Products For Recreational Golfers

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Budget Category ($500 & Under)

The FlightScope Mevo is an impressive piece of technology with all the power of a professional launch monitor packed into a small and extremely portable size. The Mevo is ideal for measuring your swing speed, club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, and carry distance.

The Mevo comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

The Bosch Tour V4 is yet another impressive product. This launch monitor is ideal for club fitting using the combination of the Ball Flight and Swing Speed measurements. The Tour V4 provides access to over 40,000 courses worldwide. The Tour V4 GPS is an excellent option for golfers who like to spend their time on the golf course rather than on the driving range.

The Tour V4 provides the Ball Speed, Swing Speed, Club Head Speed, and carries a 1-year limited warranty.

Swing Caddie SC200 Plus & SC300

Launch Monitors are the new big thing in golf.

They are giving Golf Courses the advertising they are so desperate for and Software Development the game changing software they need.

A little of both are needed to make a good launch monitor. To make it easy for you to make an informed choice, I’ve reviewed the two most common launch monitors and have the information condensed down in this article.

The Swing Caddie SC200 Plus is currently the highest rated launch monitor available. It is easy to use, extremely accurate and doesn’t require a PHD.

The SC200 Plus has a lot of features, and it does those very well. But some of the cool features the SC200 Plus adds are not seen on more expensive monitors.

This is especially true of the SC200 Plus’s course analysis capabilities. With the SC200 Plus, you can decide the importance of specific distances on each of the holes you play on a course.

You can also do this for specific pins.

They can then be used to calculate your distance to specific key points on a course to see the exact club that you should use from any specific location.

You can also set up club recommendations for specific approaches like uphill, downhill, left and right.

Rapsodo MLM

Following the relatively recent introduction of Golfshot, Foresight and Game Golf came on the scene. These products show your swing speed, ball speed, leverage, angle, and path.

The three products (Golfshot, Foresight and Game Golf) are all relatively similar but have some big differences. Be sure to check out the new 2018 comparison guide:

FlightScope Mevo

For the past decades, golf has remained one of the most relaxing sports you can play. It is a sport of patience where you hit a little white ball with a club and try to get it inside a small white hole as far as you can. Golf is certainly a game for the discerning. Along the way, golf has remained a major attraction for many who want to spend some quiet time on the courses, enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

But there has been a culture shift in the golf game lately. People are becoming more interested in hitting the golf ball with the ultimate precision. It is not about how far you can hit the golf ball anymore. It is about getting into a golf tournament and finishing first. To hit the ball in the hole in par or even less using as little amount of swings as possible. That’s one of the main reasons why golf is now more popular than ever. As a result, golf tournaments attract more people than ever these days.

PRGR Launch Monitor

The ProGr Multi is the latest innovation from PRGR. It is the successor to the ProGr2, and much like its predecessor, it combines modern and simple design in a small, hand-held device with impressive performance.

The ProGr Multi has been designed to work with the most popular launch monitors out there. That means it is compatible with Wave devices, the PXG machines and even Trackman.

Like its predecessor it is also suitable for professional and recreational golfers alike. It enables you to check the data offered by the devices you use in your swing and aids in the improvement of your golf games.

In comparison to the ProGr2 the ProGr multifunctional meets the industry’s high standards.

We recommend this unit for the average beginning golfer thanks to the excellent value to price ratio. If you are a beginner and want practical equipment for online courses then you should look at Trackman.

This system offers dynamic monitoring with a standard driver, and it measures spin, launch angle, ball speed, carry, and total distance. The system measures launch and spin rates separately and thus provides much deeper insights. You are also able to track the differences between drivers and/or your custom set of clubs.

Garmin Approach G80

Which Budget Launch Monitor Should You Buy?

There are a lot of options for a budget golf launch monitor. In fact, most companies that produce sports training products make one or more varieties.

But they are far from the same in terms of quality.

While some are more for recreational golfers or for practicing at home, others are for serious players. Before buying one, think about where the monitor will be used.

If you will only use it at home and you want something inexpensive, but still accurate, then consider this:

The SkyTrak Launch Monitor This is a great, inexpensive unit for the money. It offers a lot of features and provides some great data that you can use to practice and play better golf.

Most units in this list will not be able to give you ball velocity. The SkyTrak can, and for the price, there’s no better monitor in my opinion for measuring ball speed.

As with all other monitors, the SkyTrak will not be able to determine clubhead speed. It can, however, tell you the ball speed and distance – two crucial pieces of information you need to fine-tune your game.

For those of you that don’t need the accuracy that a more expensive unit provides ( professionals, or people who want to use the stats to determine clubhead speed), then this is the best choice.

SkyTrak – The Best Overall Option ($2,000)

The SkyTrak Launch Monitor is very accurate and easy to use. It is an automatic system that records both your swing characteristics and your ball’s launch conditions. It measures ball speed, power, and spin. It comes with a wireless device that records ball speed, shot distance and carry distance.

A little pricey, but the SkyTrak Launch Monitor is the best golf monitor on the market. Most of the golf monitors on the market come with a wireless device that is attached to your golf bag. The SkyTrak system comes with a kit that you place at your feet which relays swing and data information from the club directly to the monitoring unit on your hip. This saves valuable time and also allows you to get your swing on as opposed to having to stop and manually enter your information.

The Sky Trak golf launch monitor is made up of a long rectangular-shaped device that you wear on your belt just in front of your back side. This measures your ball speed, carry distance and a few other stats. A wireless device floats at your feet and records your club information and swing. The data then gets transferred to your smartphone where you can get between 8 and 10 rounds of golf’s worth of data.

Thoughts On Commercial Launch Monitors

There are some great options for the golf launch monitor in the market nowadays. More and more golfers are using the launch monitor technology in order to get every last detail correct on every shot. It is easy enough to head out on the course with a simple tool like a launch monitor.

What’s more, using a launch monitor during practice rounds will allow you to develop muscle memory that you can transfer to the course on game day. A launch monitor gives a detailed view that is actually quite similar to what you get from a tour golfer. The only real difference is the amount of spin and the speed.

Once you have some experience with a launch monitor, you’ll learn to pinpoint some differences in what you can expect from your own ball. There are a number of launch monitors in the market today and some of the previously mentioned products are great options for recreational golfers. You can also go online to order a custom fit launch monitor from your local golf store.

You will hear golfers talk about the one club that has changed everything. That’s the game of golf and each player can experience the joy of tailored golf equipment. There is any number of things that can make a difference in your game. Learning to play to your strengths with the help a launch monitor is just one of them.

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