9 Golf Workouts That Will Improve Your Game Tremendously

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Questions & Answers

What is the weight of a professional golf driver?

A. The weight of a golf driver varies from one brand to another. The average weight of a golf driver is about 360 grams (for a driver head).

How much does a set of golf clubs weigh?

A. Between 12-20lbs

How much does a set of golf clubs weigh?

A. 18-22 lbs

What are the biggest golf clubs in the world?

A. Ping Anser irons (pre-2007 model) weigh as much as 9 1/2 pounds per club.

What is the average distance of a golfer?

ANSWER: The typical amateur golfer hits between 25 and 30 yards less than a PGA Tour player.

What are some good scores for a 12 hole golf course?

A. Golfers who manage to shoot 20 or less on the front nine and 30 or less for the full 18 holes do fairly well.

How many golf balls are there in a bag?

A. All sizes of bags contain 14-15 balls.

How far does a golf ball travel in the water?

A. A shot made on the water will sink about 1 foot from the point of contact.

Why do I need to warm up before playing golf?

The warmup, before each of your golf rounds should consist of five exercises that should target the major muscle groups – back, chest, shoulders, arms, and the legs. If you don't have a large facility, simply moving up and down the range on foot is sufficient enough.

Here are the five exercises you should practice:

  • The Chair Pose: This will improve your muscular endurance. Stand with your feet together. Bend your knee slightly and lean forward. Hold your hands straight up. Straighten your arms and look over your hands. Hold this pose for thirty to sixty seconds.
  • The Side Lunge: This will improve your joint flexibility and ankle mobility as well as your quad and hamstring flexibility. Stand tall, facing forward. Take a long step out to your side with your left foot while also bending your knee and taking your right hand to the floor. This should target your left leg. Return to the starting position and repeat this movement for the right leg. Stay in this position for thirty to sixty seconds.
  • The Back Progression: This will help you to get a better back and shoulder flexibility. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your shoulders bent over. Reach your hands back as you take a short step back with your left leg. Keep your back straight throughout the movement. Repeat this for the right leg.

How can golf workouts help my game?

There is a lot of golf equipment that you can buy off the shelf, you don’t need your own equipment such as weights or a pull up bar. A club and your body is all that you need to get started, and the free workouts in this book will build you a body that is golfing ready.

Golf workouts aren’t going to make you the best golfer in your group the first time they are performed, but they will give your body the strength, endurance, power and control it needs to hit the ball long and straight.

All of these golf workouts will improve your balance, coordination and flexibility. It’s important to have your body well conditioned for this sport to prevent injury. You don’t want to have to take days away from your golfing because you pulled a muscle. A strong body will also help with your consistency, so your scores will come down.

How long and how often should I exercise?

The amount and frequency of exercise that is appropriate for you depends on your goals and all of your health risks.

A wide variety of physical activities may be appropriate for you, particularly if they increase your overall fitness.

For general fitness, the current recommendation is to exercise moderately for 30-90 minutes most days of the week.

For weight control, the recommendation is to exercise moderately for 60-90 minutes most days of the week.

Research available suggests that any exercise is better than no exercise. If you can’t start with a high intensity workout, it is easy to slowly increase your workout intensity level as you adapt to regular physical activity.

Start with 5-10 minutes of walking, cycling, or swimming. Begin with two to three of these sessions per week.

Increase your fitness by gradually adding one session per week, and then refer to what your body is telling you.

What are specific body areas I should focus on?

Whether you’re a top-ranked pro or a high-handicap hacker, proper body mechanics are the key to a consistent swing. If any part of your body is tense, this affects the rest of your body and disrupts the smooth flow of your swing.

Golf is a game of 15 muscles, or parts of muscles, that are in constant interaction with each other. For example, literally dozens of muscles must function perfectly in order to let your wrists, arms, and body maintain the proper posture and stability to execute a proper finish. In addition, workers such as the Rotator Cuff Actors, Oscillator Cuff, Biceps and other muscles must be working in conjunction with the back and leg muscles to accomplish a full golf swing. If these muscles are not working properly, it will cause a pull, which in its simplest terms means you’re hitting the ball short of the target.

These muscles, and the big golf muscles of the back, chest, and arms, are the key to getting more power in your golf swing. If legs and lower back are strong, it is easier to rotate and transfer power through the hips and the core to the upper body.

With workouts targeted to the big golf muscles, you will start to see a very dramatic improvement in your game – and your body.

Do I need to be in good shape to complete a golf workout?

Most golf workouts are light on the body and provide a surprising number of benefits. If you’re an avid golfer, you will be able to view this as “free” strength training. If you’re just a beginner, you’ll be able to see this as the first step in a workout regimen designed to improve your skill as a beginner golfer.

If you’re in good shape, then you’ll find this a pleasurable way to spend time and exercise. If your fitness level is low, then you’ll be able to work up to this.

To make sure that you gain the most from these workouts, be sure that you warm up with some light stretches and easy, rhythmic steps before you start.

Do I need equipment to complete a golf workout?

While golf can be an extremely competitive sport, it’s also a great way to be active, relax, and connect with your friends and family. Golf gives you a chance to clear your head and get your body moving, and if you play regularly, you may even begin to notice an improvement in your fitness level.

One of the first skills any aspiring golfer needs to learn is how to keep himself or herself fit and ready for the game. When you’re just learning how to play, you may find that you’re not as in shape as you thought you were, and it’s not at all uncommon for a beginner’s game to suffer because of a weak or tired body.

But there’s no need to worry about your form or stamina. With a little bit of weekly effort, and an effective transportation routine, you can work on your basic fitness and be ready to play within a month!

With that ideal golfing body in mind, here are the best nine golf workouts you can do to get fit and improve your game without even picking up your golf bag.

Should I exercise indoors or outdoors?

This is a question that many people ask. Realistically, the answer is, it depends. However, there are a few things that you should consider when deciding whether you should perform your workout indoors or outdoors. Have a look below.

Degree of weather control. If you have all of the household tools needed for a good workout, as well as outdoor access and it’s a nice, sunny day, chances are the outside is the place to be. If the weather is more of a problem than you would have thought, it’s time to lock your doors and move your training inside. The greatest benefit of working out outdoors is the natural energy that exists outdoors. The pollution free atmosphere and the fresh, hot, and humid air will give you that extra oomph when you need it.

A route to ride. Have you gotten in the habit of taking a loop around your neighborhood to help you get in shape? If so, it’s a good idea to take advantage of all the hard work you have already put in by simply commuting to and from work by bike. The exercise will help you with not only the physical aspect of your fitness, but the mental as well.

Why do I need to cool down after playing golf?

That’s a good question. After all, you just spent a lot of time exercising your body already, and now you want to go even after you’ve just finished golfing. Why are you going to stop just then? Isn’t that just a complete waste of time?

Of course not! You need to cool down so that your body’s temperature can go down. If it doesn’t, then your body will not be able to fully recover afterward, and the chances of getting injured are high.

The chart here gives you an outline of the best way to cool yourself down.

Golf Workout Regime

If you have been seriously playing golf for a while, there is a high chance that you have observed that your body has become a lot slimmer. But unfortunately, this is the result of some of your muscles deteriorating and losing energy. You must understand that golf is a sport in which one has to hit golf balls. And in order to be able to do that, you need to be able to control the direction and power of the golf ball. And in order to do that, you need to be able to swing your hands in a swing. And in order for you to have the energy to make a swing, you have to have strong arms, core, chest, shoulder and back muscles.

Therefore, if you want to be able to not only hit balls with ease but also to be able to drive them longer distances, it is essential that you elect for workouts that will increase your stamina. Only that way will you be able to practice more and improve your performance.

It is also essential that you take a breather and relax every once in a while in between workout sessions. This will help your muscles to recuperate.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is an exercise system based on strength training, it takes advantage of the movement potential of the body and focuses on the energy produced by the muscles when they contract. In other words, it is a series of exercises in which you are required to go from one to another with no rest in between. This type of exercise is extremely effective for golf because it improves your flexibility, endurance, strength and speed.

A golf circuit training session normally begins with flexibility training exercises. Walking lunges, calf stretches, leg raises and wrist stretches are good for this. Once you have completed the flexibility exercises, you can move onto the cardio circuit jog in place while raising your arms over your head and clapping them.

After this is cycling. Cycling or jogging on the spot goes well with stretches, push-ups, dips and lunges.

Sprints on the spot or using a sit up skipping rope are good after sprints. Apart the jumping jacks.

These types of exercises should make up a good golf circuit training session, but bear in mind that every session differs, and for good reason, therefore you will need to be flexible in thinking about the next circuit training session you want to design.

Strength Training

Any exercise you regularly do for two or more months that makes you noticeably better on the golf course is considered a proper strength training exercise.

Yoga may very well work for golf, given that a lot of golfers find it helps them relax and get in a frame of mind to play better.

But when golfers talk about strength training, they’re most often talking about weight lifting. Its importance to golf is clear – the stronger you are, the longer you can hit the ball and the more weight you can swing.

What you probably don’t know about weight training, even if you’re a dedicated gym rat, is that you’ll benefit most from exercises that don’t target your muscles.

Strength training isn’t just about getting a pumped-up upper body. It’s about improving your overall strength, balance and stability.

Weight lifting programs that primarily target specific muscle groups, such as the chest and shoulders, don’t work as well as those that focus on movement patterns.

Cardio-Weightlifting Combination

Not only is it possible to improve your strength and power while losing fat, but you can also get more explosive with weights and build more lean muscle mass. Not many people realize that they can do this by adding anaerobic movements and exercises to their weightlifting workouts.

For anaerobic training to work, it is necessary to follow the training with cardio during the same training session. With the rise in popularity of Crossfit workouts, runners and cyclists have become obsessed with interval training and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes. However, you can do the same movements with weightlifting, or even add a few to your normal lifting routine.

This combination workout will increase your overall heart rate significantly, which helps you burn more calories that you would with just strength training.

After a little over a month of doing these workouts twice a week you will start to feel the benefits during your game. These workouts will increase your hand and eye coordination, along with speed and quickness.

Workout A

Total Distance: 330 Yards

Total Time:



Note: Do this 9 hole circuit 9 more times during the week.

Exceptions for the: Hazard Shots

Workout B:

Total Distance: 330 Yards

Total Time:



Note: Do this 9 hole circuit 9 more times during the week.

Exceptions for the: Hazard Shots

Workout C:

Total Distance: 1900 Yards

Total Time:



Note: Do this 18 hole circuit 3 more times during the week.

Exceptions for the: Hazard Shots

Workout D:

Total Distance: 1625 Yards

Total Time:



Note: Do this 9 hole circuit 9 more times during the week.

Exceptions for the: Hazard Shots

Workout E:

Total Distance: 2975 Yards

Total Time:



Note: Do this 18 hole circuit 3 more times during the week.

Exceptions for the: Hazard Shots

Workout F:

Total Distance:

Total Time:



Note: Do this 9 hole circuit 9 more times during the week.

Workout B

Leg Endurance

Whichever combination of players you’re playing with, the athletes get a period of rest for four minutes or so. For the non-athletes, there’s a static core exercise to perform during this period.

But the active players need to be moving, warming down or cooling down. With all the squats, lunges and leg presses they’ve done, the legs need a little more attention to bring them back to a safe place.

Place a resistance band around your knees and hands. Begin by taking four or five steps to your right, swinging your arms from the chest and stepping until you place your left foot behind you onto the mat.

Drop your left knee towards the mat, so that it’s about 45 degrees to the mat. Do this for ten reps.

To make this exercise harder, increase your levels of resistance. Make it easier by removing the band.

Workout C

In golf, you may or may not be aware of the fact that it is a very physically demanding sport. In fact, many of the great players have attributed their success to the physical condition that they are in. This is what has pushed players to undergo body building where various exercises and stretches help improve their game.

Bodybuilding is one of the ways in which golf has been made less demanding and easier for players that have been playing the game for years. The game of golf is ranked among the top physical sports in the world. You will note the physical demands of the sport and the fact that many players end up injuring their ankles because of the strain that the sport puts on the ankles.

In such cases, there are a number of golf exercises and stretches that help in injury prevention. The nature of the sport is such that it is not allowed to wear wristbands all the time and the same applies to ankle supports. The nature of foot work in the game also puts a lot of strain on the ankle. The ankle is probed by all different kinds of motions and situations in the game.

While some players use ankle supports to help them with injuries and others use wrist supports for ligament injuries, there are still some that prefer bodybuilding. It is the option that gives the player a good amount of flexibility while at the same time, being able to offer him protection against injury.

Bottom Line

Golf is truly a sport for life. And living a long, healthy life means trying to include as many health-impacting lifestyle choices as possible. Golf, it would seem, would fit into that category. From the game itself to the way it can be incorporated into your life, there is something for everyone who wishes to be active in some way.

The world is not small, and there is room for all levels of skill to join this game. Golf is one of the few games where age is just a number—it doesn’t matter whether you’re 18 or 80, you can play golf. The only level that matters is your level of interest. With more interest, you’ll have more desire to practice, to experiment, and to perfect your game.

Once you’ve mastered a few basic skills, it’s time to practice out on the green. Whether it’s a weekend visit to a golf course or a quick-play session with friends, practice always leads to improvement.