Golf’s Newest Fad: Are Fat Putter Grips Worth it?

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Fat Putter Grip Debate – Should You Do It?

Now don’t get over the top on the grip thing and begin drinking 10 cups of coffee a day to try and generate more grip strength or whatever, but you do need to begin thinking in terms of a grip that offers you support.

The putter grip that you use can often times affect your putting stroke. If you have a too small of a putter grip, it will make you use your wrist too much. Or how about the opposite? Using a putter grip that is too big and loose can cause your body to sway and use more of your body in your stroke. Neither of these is a good thing.

When you look at the fat putter grip, you’re looking at a grip that has a larger circumference and that fills up your hand more. This allows you to have a more solid feel and grip on the putter itself. This is important because you should think of the putter face like an egg. If you have a too small grip, you’re going to egg beater your way through the putting stroke, which will lead to a lot of inconsistencies.

If you’re struggling with this, you’re definitely going to want to start working with a putter grip that is a little bit larger than what you have been working with.

Benefits of the Fat Putter Grip

The fat putter grip has recently been on the market to enhance the golfing experience.

It is designed to make your golfing game fun and to reduce golfing tension.

The grip allows for a golf ball to be gripped in the palm of the hand.

The idea is that the longer putter grip reduces tension and wrist strain while increasing the accuracy of your putts.

It encourages a more fluid putting motion, thus making it easier to align the ball.

The person that really benefitted from the fat putter grip is Kevin Na. He is ranked second in the World Golf Rankings for 2011-12.

He is a proving that the grip is a great aid to golfers. Many golfers who have tried the grip out are not disappointed. The air of nervousness is not present when using the fat putter grip. Players love the way that it feels and functions.

Another plus to the grip is that it is very cheap. Players can trim it to fit well in their hand. It will not cost a lot of money to change your putter grip into a fat one.

It is important to note that the putting stroke will change when using a fat grip. It does take time to get used to this. The grip may seem awkward at first.

Golfers can practice with the grip at home in order to develop the muscle needed to make smooth putts.

Choosing a Fat Putter Grip


Yes, you can put a putter grip on your driver if you want to make it heavier. A heavier putter can help provide more slow-roll distance than a lighter one, making it slower on the greens allowing for a more achieved result.

The effect of slow-roll distance is the most important in the distance the ball travels from the time it is struck on the face of the golf club to its hitting the ground. This is due to the fact that the total distance is the distance the ball travels from the face of the club to the ground plus the distance the ball will roll from that point in time. A ball struck from a golf club head with a greater amount of weight will strike the ground more slowly than a ball struck from a club with a lighter head.

Another benefit of using a weighted putter grip is that it can help you develop the proper arc you need in a putting stroke. Golfers generally use putters that are lighter on the club face when the green is fast and harder on the face when the green is slow.

To improve your putting stroke, you can place some weight on your putter by adding a putter grip made for that specific purpose. Then you can use the weighted putter grip for putting practice. The weight of the weighted putter grip can help you develop a smooth putting stroke.


Truth be told, a fat putter grip is going to make a huge difference in your game whether you play it to be funny or not. I say this because throughout my time playing golf, I have observed that the thicker the grip, the more putts you are going to make.

Granted, shots with a fat putter grip will also be longer than compared to one with a slimmer grip. Yes, I know that steady, smooth shots are more ideal when it comes to putting. But if you want to challenge yourself, a fat grip can really make you groove in the game. Whereas the slim grips are more suitable for when you are already an expert.

If you are wondering which should you have, then that would be a personal preference. Both will accomplish the same function and I don’t think that there is a major difference with both of them.

For me, I prefer a thicker grip because I find it comfortable and relaxing. You might be thinking that a fat grip would not be suited for you because you are not the type who can hold on to something big. But most fat putter grips that I have seen/used are actually made of a softer material, which even a kid can hold.


I am sure most of you have seen the ridiculous putter grips in golf these days. Yes, they are so large that they make it look almost impossible for you to grip.

I Am Sure My Hands Would Look like Sausages If

Trying to chop a hole in one with a putter that is reminiscent of a shovel.

But apparently there is a scientific reason behind all of this. The grip size is actually a function of the size of the player’s hands and how many finger joints they have.

This is called the “Grip Grip Index.” The basic idea is that a larger grip size means the player is able to spread out their fingers farther apart, resulting in a lower index. In other words, the player has a bigger hand size for their height and weight. The index number, which is a numerical calculation, is essentially a measure of hand strength.

Many times, incorporating a larger grip gives golfers more leverage. The lower the grip index number, the greater the advantage.

The problem is that the grip size for males in the US is typically too big already for the average golfer.

That said, golf is changing perspective. We�re going to start seeing more females participating in professional golf tournaments.


There are different reasons people choose to use fat putter grips.

One of the main reasons why people like to use the fat-style grips is for its unique shape.

Some golfers say that the fat-style designs make the putter grip feel lighter and smaller and thus helping them to keep a better balance while putting.

Some people counter by saying golfers who decide to use the fat-style grips actually sometimes need to use a thicker shaft and a bigger grip so that the putter grip feels and looks normal.

Others say that the fat-style grips offer more material to grip on to and improve the golfer’s confidence.

However, others argue that the benefits of using fat-style putter grips are actually very limited, and to do it for style reasons would be just senseless.

A lot of golfers say that there are better reasons why to use these large grips then style reasons.

They seem to believe that the benefits that the fat-grip style offers is barely any different than the standard style.

They seem to say that the fat-style grip is probably just another trend.

However, because of the popularity of the putter grips and the strange and unique feeling it provides, it will probably not disappear anytime soon.


The problem with changing to a new club is that you don’t know if it will help you or not. Someone recommended this new putter grip, and you’re wondering if it’s worth the extra money.

Since golf is such a costly sport, it’s important to know if an equipment purchase is worth it.

If you’re on the lookout for a new putter grip, then it’s a smart move to pick the opinion of the experts.

Read a couple of reviews from the Golf Digest and Golf Week magazines and see what the pros are saying. They should be able to show evidence and data to support their claims, which should take the guess work out of the question.

You can also look at the feedback of the customers who previously purchased this product and see if they were happy with the purchase. Even if a product has been discontinued, it’s still possible that you will find real customer feedback on it somewhere.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to get feedback and information on golf clubs. You can even subscribe to the endorsement of golf greats.


When prices are listed, they’re generally listed for one putter grip, which means to buy one pair you’ll have to pay extra shipping. Some retailers will let you buy one grip at a time, but it’s interesting that the listed price is for two grips.

So at first glance it’s obvious that you’re going to save money buying from an online retailer like ebay, Amazon or Craigslist. But if you’re looking for a lot of these grips, you might be more likely to get a better deal from a local pro shop or other brick and mortar business where you can buy them in bulk.

Best Fat Putter Grips to Use

Putter grips, which became popular only a decade ago, have already been reshaped, rubberized, made more textured and contoured, and sold in different colors. It seems like the latest trend is to make them thicker, fatter, and more rounded, called “fat putter grips.” Manufacturers are claiming these changes make it easier to hang on to the club in wet conditions, which is a big advantage because the one club you can’t keep a hold of in the rain is your putter.

Claims of improved grip and control abound, but is there a scientific basis for these claims? How can a putter grip be improved upon? Can you improve on an already successful design?

To answer these questions, I studied the putters, grips, and hands of a broad range of golfers and identified the three grip factors that predict performance. The factors are hand size, hand overlap, and the circumference of the grip where it meets your hand. I also built a golf grip gauge that measures the variables.

Flat Cat Big Boy Putter Grip

The Flat-Cat Big Boy Putter Grip looks like a conventional putter grip but is a good deal thicker and feels more like a pool cue in your hand.

The thick feel of this grip makes it easier for golfers with larger hands to hit a ball properly, but it has the added benefit of improving your grip, no matter how big your hand is.

If you’re a new golfer, you might not even realize that a proper grip on your putter is something that can be so quickly and easily improved.

Getting a good, solid grip on your putter is easily the single most important aspect of improving your putting score. We all have the tendency to grip the putter too tightly. The Flat Cat will help you reverse this tendency and remove a lot of the unnecessary tension in your hands.

The flat face of the grip also feels less angled than other putter grips and gives you a more consistent setup. This consistency leads to more consistent distance control on your putts.

This is particularly helpful if you have been having a hard time with the speed of your putts. The Flat Cat Putter Grip is designed to make it easier to line up the correct distance of your putt, which in turn will lead to a better putting score on the golf course.

If you're a serious golfer, this grip will make your game much more consistent.

TigerShark Oversized Putter Grip

The original oversized putter grip was designed to increase hand stability to putt more more consistently. Tiger Shark OverSize Grip was the first popularized oversized putter grip, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The basic premise behind the oversized putter grip is that it helps your hands anchor on the grip to keep it from yanking the club shaft outward in the putting stroke so that you achieve a consistent square strike. If you use a traditional putter grip, your hands twist on the grip during the stroke so that the club shaft on the down stroke is not fully square to the putter face, and you achieve a sweeping or slicing stroke that often sends the ball to the right or left of the target.

The theory behind the oversized putter grip is sound, but in my testing over the past three years, I have found some flaws that have led me to be less than enthusiastic about it.

Super Stroke Fatso 5.0

If you’re into golfing and you see the word fat, my suggestion would be to take a detour and wait till the storm has blown over. After almost 40 years, this has to be the oldest gimmick in the golfing world.

Looking at the reviews about this new putter grip, it most certainly is a putter grip that’s completely over the top.

The other putter grip presented earlier that was bended in an S-shape was given similar impressions.

So what is all the fuss about these new shape putter grips? Are they just another gimmicky product, or why not check them out before making up your own mind?

The makers of the SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 claim that the patented design, has made it more forgiving.

If you stick to the old way of putting, then you will definitely have a hard time hitting the sweet spot of the putter, because what these new putter grips do is encourage you to hold the putter in a different way as the palm of your hand will be placed dead center on the grip. With this new positioning this is where the sweet spot of the putter will be, thus the name Sweet Spot Grip.

Final Thoughts on Fat Putter Grips

The putter grips should feel natural and comfortable in your hands. And if they don’t, change them. Choose from several different options, and of course, be sure to make the choice between warm and cold.

Using cold putter grips is certainly not the end of the world. But it’s not something I’d choose to do again.