How to Arrange Your Golf Bag

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What is a Golf Bag and How is it Made?

A golf bag is a bag typically worn by golfers when out on the course. The bag is used to carry the clubs and accessories used during the golf game. It is unique in that it can be carried over the shoulder or by placing it over the left and right forearms. The golf bags are made of a variety of materials, such as nylon and leather.

A golf bag is usually designed to carry golf clubs efficiently. Some golf bags may include a pull cart and a pocket for a tee. The golf bag is usually divided into two main parts: the golf bag body and its top. A golf bag is composed of both the inside and outside as shown in Figure 1.

The inside part is called the bag’s cavity. A cavity is the space where the golf clubs are stored in after use. It may be divided into several sub-compartments that are designed to hold golf clubs securely. These sub-compartments are often arranged to allow the golfer to access their equipment easily. This is particularly possible when the golfer wants to pick out especially the wood or iron clubs needed for the next stroke.

The outside of a golf bag is usually called its shell. This is usually composed of a hard material such as canvas or leather. The shell is usually rigid as compared to the bag’s cavity.

3 Types of Golf Bags

Bags are required for driving and practicing golf. A good golf bag is a convenient way to transport your clubs and other golfing toys from home to the work site and back.

When buying a golf bag, you can choose from three main types:

  • Stand bags are generally designed for beginners and casual players.
  • Cart bags are considered the standard choice because they can carry a lot of clubs and other golfing gear and are popular with professional golfers.
  • Travel bags are designed for lighter load requirements and typically offer less storage space than a cart bag.

Since each type of bag has certain strengths and weaknesses, choosing one is a personal matter based on your preferences and your ability to carry clubs.

You also have to consider factors like your budget, the number of clubs you need to carry, and whether you will be walking or riding a golf cart. While your budget should be your primary consideration, you can get a great set of clubs even at a mid-range price if you are willing to do a little research.

How Many Clubs You Can Have In Your Golf Bag

There is no limit to the number of clubs that you can put in your golf bag. However, you should make sure that you are not exceeding the golf bag weight that you can carry. A golfer can carry a golf bag that is up to a maximum of 18-20 degrees from the ground without breaking your back.

More expensive golf bags are lightweight. But even if you have a heavy golf bag, you can carry it easily if you avoid overloading it.

A golf bag with the following clubs should keep you busy for a 9-hole round of golf:

  • 1 drivers
  • 3 woods
  • 3 irons
  • 1 putter
  • 2 wedges

Only a few golf bags allow you to carry as many clubs as you want. So, you need to find the best golf bag that will allow you to carry a number of clubs that are enough for a 9-hole round of golf.

How to arrange a Golf Bag

There are basically two ways in which you can arrange the clubs in your bag to make things easier for you.

Arranging the clubs.

You need to make sure that your bag has proper space for the clubs to settle in it. This will keep the clubs and bag shape balanced and presentable. Some of the clubs, such as drivers, can reach the proper shape for hitting only with time.

You might need to push some of the clubs head first. Probably, you can arrange the clubs in such a way that it fits most of the clubs lengthwise in the bag. This will give you one less chore to worry about.

The semi circles at the end of the bags are usually for the woods and may or may not fit the driver depending upon the size of this club.

You can bring the clubs in towards the middle and stagger them by 3 to 5 inches. This will prevent the clubs from moving around too much. This will also allow you to easily access your woods if you ever need them during a game.

Placement by Hand.

For this, you need to bend and face your bag towards yourself. Make sure it is a bit higher than your shoulder. In most bags, you will see a hook on the top which you need to grab and the handle for lifting the bag. This double layer will make sure your golf bag does not scratch your car.

Step 1. Know your bag

Every golf bag comes with a rule book and instruction manual. Read it thoroughly. It will show you where to position all the parts in your golf bag.

All bags have their own version of what is known as the Tour Bag Triangle … 4 corner pockets that are crucial.

To make the most of your bag, use the pocket to their fullest. Most bags have one large pocket that runs from the bottom to the top of the bag. Lie flat (on its back) and open the bag to the width you want.

This pocket makes it easy to add a driver, a couple of woods and a fairway wood or two…make sure you can access and remove them easily.

Look to see that your other woods are at your easy reach too. It is smart to place your small wedge and wedge behind the woods. This makes it easier to access the clubs as you will first need to remove the wood in order to get at the wedges.

If your golf bag has a short storage pocket that is only attached at the top to the sight of the bag, then don’t be afraid to place the wedge behind it. This will make it easy to access and remove.

Step 2. Clean your bag

Dust and dirt can get into your apparel when you’re walking along the course but cleaning them is really simple.

A clean golf bag looks brand new and there is little additional work required to avoid dust and dirt balling up on the surface.

All you need to do is remove your apparel and wipe down any part that could have accumulated dust or dirt. A suit and shirt should hang on hangers and your other apparel should be placed in the bag with care.

Many golf bags are made with moisture wicking technology which makes cleaning easier since these garments can be placed directly into the bag.

Finally, you can use a mild soap for a more thorough cleaning if necessary.

Here are some tips to organize your own golf bag.

How to Clean a Golf Bag

Step 1. Prepare the detergent

You need to fill the sink with cold water. Then pour in a little bit of detergent to create a thin layer of suds. You don’t want a thick layer of suds since this could make it more difficult to clean properly.

Step 2. Fill the golf bag with water & wash.

Submerge the golf bag in the water. You want it completely submerged so that every part of your golf bag is getting cleaned.

Step 3. The Bottom Compartment Of Your Golf Bag

This is where you will store your wet or damp products such as towels, tees, balls, and headcovers. Try to keep this compartment as light as possible so you can minimize the amount of weight on your golf bag.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will be taking these items out and putting them back in during your round. Having them deep inside of your golf bag is not convenient since you will have to "dig" for them, when you really just want to get them out as quickly as possible.

Having them in the last compartment will help improve your "digging" time.

Finally, feel free to throw in anything else that you may need that might fit. This is your compartment so don't be afraid to make it your own.

Step 4. The middle compartment of your golf bag

The middle compartment of your golf bag is used to carry all your clubs. You may leave it empty or fill it with your favorite club placed horizontally or vertically.

If you put everything horizontally, you will not have any trouble getting the clubs out and you’ll be able to carry more. The drawback is that you will not be able to put your golf gloves and a number of other golf accessories in this compartment.

The vendor will let you see what you look like and may even introduce you to some tasty accessories that will match your personality.

Step 5. The top compartment of your golf bag

This contains the accessories and any other things you may need during a round of golf.

Putting a flat rubber mat or a towel in here will make sure your clubs are kept away from any small plastic items such as tees, club head covers and so on that can scratch them.

Another benefit of this section is that you can keep your beanie, hat or cap out of the way, close to hand but not likely to be stepped on or tripped over.

Keeping your cap in the top tray is a good idea, although I will say that quality caps take a lot of wear and this is one of the main ways the quality ones separate themselves from the cheaper ones. If a cap is good then it will hold it's shape and is machine washable.

This is one place where you can keep a few of the essentials for a quick emergency repair, such as tees, a ball marker, a pencil or two and a box of balls for a late night, mid-week round. The main thing is to reduce the risk of you forgetting something important.

Step 6. Side pockets

Proper placement of side pockets can save you time and strokes.

Side pockets should be placed in the right places to make life easier for you.

If you put your driver and woods in the top pocket of your bag, you’re opening up the opportunity for a lot of trouble (read: trouble).

If you’re taking the driver out, you’re trying to get it into the top pocket, or if you’re putting the woods back in, now you’re trying to get them out of the top pocket of your golf bag.

Whenever you can, carry smaller clubs in the side pockets, preferably the fairway wood and hybrids.

You should also leave the putter in the middle of your bag, preferably near the dividers. That way, if you’re on the green, you’re already there.

There’s also the possibility that you hit your ball towards the hole and now you have a chance at holing the last putt.

Now’s when you’re looking for your putter.

But you don’t need to go all the way to the middle to get it.

Step 7. Maintain the cleanliness

Golf bag is made by tapestries. Thus, it is very easily to get dirty.

Golfer always keeps his golf bag with himself. It will be easy to get dirty if we are not careful when we make our golf gear.

However, as a golfer, we must make our golf bag clean and tidy. This is because if the bag is so dirty, we will be afraid to keep the bag. If the golf bag is dirty, the outlook of the golf bag will look bad. Not to mention the bad smell of the bag is also very terrible.

Here are some tips for maintaining cleanliness of your golf bag.

Every piece of golf bag must be washed with soapy water. Wash the bag with the soap gently and then wash it well with clean water. After that, you can wipe it dry with a clean towel. If it cannot be cleaned with soap, then use a cleaner for cleaning. To remove the dirt on the bag, this is the way to remove it. So it is important for the golf bag to have basic cleaning products. When wiping the golf bag to remove the soil, wear gloves to prevent further soil from the golf bag, which can make the bag dirty again. The dirt easily adheres to the golf bag. Therefore, when wiping it, use a soft towel and very gentle slaps.


As you read through this guide you have learned how important it is to keep a golf bag in good working order.