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Prerequisites of Golf Club Holding Techniques

The golf club holding techniques must be used in the golf course only and not in the park because it can cause serious damage to your hand in the park. The golf club has many sharp edges that can cause damage to your hand, and it is important to hold the club in the right way in a golf course before starting the golf game.

Form does not have to get messed up easily; it is derived from the club holding techniques. If you hold the club with a proper grip, there will be some chances to get damage after falling in a water surface or when hitting the golf ball too hard.

The best thing about the golf club is that you do not suffer any injury if it falls on the ground from a height of up to 0.5 pounds. The best thing that you should do is to take a good grip of the golf club and loosen it from the ground.

In this way, your grip will get loosened, and there will be no chances of injury. You must consider only the hands in such cases. If you just focus on the club, you do not need a grip or a wristwrest, which means that you will just have to hold the club and get ready to swing.

The club holding techniques are very important for the beginners first because it helps them to handle the club easily. This technique is very accurate, and it takes time to practice.

Grip Style: There are mainly 3 grip styles to hold your golf club.

The three grip styles are:

  • Vardon (overlapping grip)
  • Semi-Vardon (supinated Vardon)
  • Finger-front (finger-up grip)

The traditional Vardon grip is perhaps the most common grip used by professional and amateur golfers. This grip style was invented by Harry Vardon, who was considered as one of the world’s best golfers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Harry Vardon won six major championships in his career, which spanned from 1890 to 1914. But it is his performances in the 1911 and 1913 Opens held at the Royal County Down Golf Club in Ireland for which he will remain best remembered.

Harry Vardon was a strong and powerful player who had a tall and upright swing. And as a result, he developed a very strong grip that enabled him to really whip the club on the downswing and effortlessly transition into a high follow-through. Harry Vardon strengthened his grip by clasping the club in his big and index fingers. Another benefit of this grip is that it allows the right forearm to flex freely, which is necessary to successfully execute a high follow-through.

As you can see in the photo, Harry Vardon’s club grips actually go over his left fingers, with his pinky finger forming a support underneath the grip.

Vardon Overlap grip:

Vardon Overlap grips Vardon Overlap grips are super regular and simple grips that overlap. It is a well known and versatile grip. It’s a popular choice for players who want to have a reliable grip that will produce consistent results regardless of their swing.

Overlap grips are not for new golfers who haven’t established a set swing pattern. Because of their simple design, they do not provide a lot of support and may cause your grip to slip. But once you have your swing pattern well established, these grips are a good choice.

The Vardon overlap grip is a popular choice among mid-handicap golfers. It’s ideal for golfers who tend to club down, i.e play with the longer clubs and putt from medium to long range. If your shots tend to slice, this grip should be the one for you.

The golfers who usually opt for Vardon Overlap grips are those who do not need too much extra support from the grip. They want their grip to be simple with a consistent feel at every shot.

This grip tends to be the most cost effective grip. Also, it tends to be the most durable. With a good golf grip builder, you can easily adjust the grip to exactly your requirements.

Interlocking grip:

This is the basic grip, and it’s suitable for most hands and clubs. To achieve this position:

Grasp the club firmly with your leading (left) hand.

Place the club on your right hand, and interlock your index finger and thumb.

Grasp the club with your other fingers and thumb.

Ensure that your right wrist is extended and its palm is upward.

Lock your thumb and forefinger on the top of club.

Baseball grip:

The all-around favorite grip for almost anyone – the overlap. In this grip, the palm of your hand is turned around the grip until the thumb and forefinger overlap.

The overlap grip is called the “baseball grip” because the overlap is similar to the way a baseball is held (with the thumb tucked up and slightly over the baseball). Although, in golf, we’re actually gripping the golf club, not swinging it (that’s the left hand’s job).

How to Hold Golf Club

In golf, you can hold the golf club in the traditional way, or you can free your hands while adding club rotation. The position of the golf club in the hands is referred to as the grip. The right position will help you to rotate the club and the ball in the right direction, resulting in a better shot.

There are four positions, or grips, a golfer can use. The golf grip is the fundamental part of the swing.

The popular ones are:

  • the interlock grip;
  • the baseball grip;
  • the 10-finger grip;

The Vardon over the top grip.

Each of these four common grips are represented on figures above. These are the ways in which you can hold the golf club and it all depends on the player.

The basic idea behind the golf grip is to put the middle finger on the top of the golf club. It must be placed on the top of the grip, not on the bottom of the club. Your other fingers should be placed around the golf club. Basically, there are two parts to the golf grip: the top hand and the bottom hand.

The top hand must be placed over the bottom hand, which means the top hand should be placed on top of the handle. The dominant hand should be the one holding the club.

Tips to Hold Your Club

Using the right golf grip will reduce the negative impact of all the common problems that most amateurs face.

If you’re one of the millions of playing golf alone or in a group, most likely, you have at least one experience of hitting the ball off-center or face some struggles in keeping your body straight.

Using the right hold of the club and getting the right posture is crucial in helping you learn how to hold your golf club correctly.

As a beginner, it’s not easy to understand how to hold the golf club incorrectly because you can’t judge the result of the swing. It’s pretty hard to tell if you are hitting the ball properly or not.

So, if you want to have the right posture and stance, you need to learn how to hold the golf club, and the key thing is to use the right golf grip.

Holding the club sometimes is confusing for most people.

Here’s a simple tip to hold your golf club correctly:

Decide the set of golf you’re using. If you are choosing from left-handed and right-handed, you must think about it carefully before you buy a set.


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