How to Practice Swing Tempo Effectively

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The Tools

We all know fitness is important to our overall health. The Arthritis Foundation bluntly states that lack of movement can affect a person's ability to function. And that is why we often make an effort to keep practicing and moving our bodies. However, sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to exercise.

In order to make exercise a fun activity you can look forward to, you have to have the right tools. It will be a lot easier to put the effort into it when you have great equipment in your possession.

For instance, you should look into purchasing a quality set of fitness clubs in order to get a better golf swing. Before you buy a set of clubs, just be sure to know you are getting a set that is high quality.

The term “quality golf clubs” can be broad since the variety of clubs in existence can vary. The main focus of most clubs geared towards golf practice is the golf club head. It is important to know the different parts of a golf club. One of the nicest brands for quality golf clubs is Ping and Wilson. The set of clubs they have is popular because it is comprised of four golf clubs.

The Method

{1}. Find a good tree, wall, fence or other object that you can use for this exercise.
{2}. Hold your driver in one hand, and put a golf ball or a small-ish rock on top of the driver. You will start your swing while the ball/rock remains in place. That’s because you want the object to act as the ball/rock for this drill.

This drill may sound simple, but it forces you to really focus on your tempo, while getting a feel for how it is to swing with tempo.

Once you get the hang of it, it is good to place a tee at 40 inches (101cm) beyond the object. This means you will practice a full swing and hit the ball cleanly.

Since this drill involves a full swing, it is good to perform it only when you are in full control of your swing and not when you are preparing to play a round.

For practicing tempo while playing a round or when you are in match play, do the check swing drill. You can read about it in the following section.

Here’s The Special Sauce

Many golfers know that to have a consistent swing, you must keep your swing tempo consistent.

Tom Stickney, PGA Director of The First Tee of Greater Orlando, offers his thoughts on how to practice swing tempo.

Swing tempo is a lot like everyone’s favorite condiment, ketchup.

Every golfer, no matter how good they are, can have a bad day on the course so they may inevitably make a few uncharacteristic mistakes. Fortunately, good golfers know how to cover up those gaffes and resolve them as quickly as possible.

But in order to get to that point, one must have practiced a swing that’s reliable and above all else, repeatable.

If you watch the Pro’s on TV, they not only have great swing mechanics, but also their swing tempo is consistent.

So when you see Rory or Tiger get in trouble on the course, they may find themselves in one of three situations, which are all related to their swing tempo.

First, they may have compromised the tempo of their back swing for a spectacular follow through.

Second, perhaps they threw the club head past their hands on the follow through, through an aggressive club face angle or club head speed.

Summing it up

Swing tempo tends to be a very difficult skill to replicate in practice, but the stroke is something that you need to be working on constantly. It is a tiny, fractional movement, but an important one that requires powerful concentration and a great deal of repetitive effort.

To practice swing tempo, you will need a partner to practice with. Don’t worry if you don’t have a regular golf partner. In your quest to be a better golfer, playing more golf is not the answer. Actually, in my opinion, the less time you spend playing the golf course, the better. End of year tournaments are never helpful for golfers seeking to improve at the game.

The biggest step you can take to improve your swing tempo is to in-corporate a high level of swing tempo practice into your normal playing routine. This is so important, I want to repeat it. The most important step to improving your swing tempo is to develop a regular practice routine for your swing before reaching the golf course.

You should practice with a high degree of intensity. Aim to replicate the feeling of a competition on every practice swing. The old adage of “practice makes perfect” just doesn’t hold true in this case. You will practice for hours before getting any accurate data to your swing tempo.