How to Record your Golf Swing

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The Two Best Ways to Record your Own Golf Swing

The process of improving your golf swing is one that can be accomplished gradually over time and through a lot of practice. It’s helpful to have a means of recording your own swing in terms of viewing it later and comparing it against your own standard of proficiency, against golfing pro’s and to analyze your muscular movements in order to perfect the technique.

There are a few options when it comes to recording your own golf swing, from the simplest to the most complex. The simpler options are actually the most common and they include video recording, photo capturing and mechanical or paper recording. In terms of paper recording, your best option is to actually use a tape measure and lay it out on your golf course and retrace your steps over and over again.

Down the Line

How to Find Your Golf Swing Errors

When making the golf swing, many golfers tend to have a lateral (side to side) shift, which translates to a jerky type of hit. Even though this does not affect the distance of the golf ball, it does affect the ball’s accuracy. That’s because of the smack effect and also a limited potential to strike down on the ball.

The challenge when trying to correct a knock-wrist type of golf swing is that when you make it in a downward motion, you would never know that you are doing the move. Thus, if you want to correct this flaw, it’s a must that you record yourself making the golf swing.

It is also a good practice to record yourself every time you do a golf swing in the video mode. This way, if you notice a hitch or issue in your golf swing, you may re-watch the swing and see what step or movement you are doing incorrectly.

If you record the golf swing using the video mode of your digital camera or camcorder, trust me, you’ll see the error right away.

Face On Front Angle

You will require a video camera, a tripod to hold the video camera, and a ball marker. Place the ball marker in line with the target line and call it ball marker number one.

Now position the tripod to capture an image of your first shot from the tee box. Try to capture the club head, shaft and grip nicely in the image along with your feet. This will help you in making a nice video record of your swing. A digital alternative is the GoPro camera, which is surprisingly inexpensive and is perfect to attach to your golf bag with a mount.

The video you have obtained can now be reviewed to evaluate your swing. The first thing to do in the video analysis of your golf swing is to see if there is any factor in your golf swing that you want to change. You can then make use of practice device, which simulates the angle of the face on impact. After practicing with the training aid, you can then re-evaluate the video of your golf swing to see if you have implemented the changes successfully to your golf swing.

Best Way to Record Your Golf Swing: Slow Motion

If you want to identify flaws or areas of improvement in your golf game, there is no better way to do it than by video recording your swing. At first, it might seem difficult to record video quality swing as there are a lot of factors like lighting, photographer’s skill, equipment that can play havoc, resulting in bad video quality recordings. But with practice and attention to detail, you can easily record good quality swing.

Video Your Swing on the Course

Smartphones have made it incredibly easy to make golf videos.

After a few weatherproof phones came out, golfers started using them to make golf swing videos.

Use a cell phone for this. Smartphones are a great way to do a quick and dirty recording of your golf swing.

The first thing is to make sure you have a video capable phone. Most cell phones these days can do video, but not everyone has the ability to create quality golf videos.

Once you do that, you need to make sure that you have a clear view of the golf swing in action.

You will get the best results with a tripod. If you don’t have a tripod, have someone hold the camera steady.

Use a longer lens to get more of a field of view. The best lenses are over 50mm, but for a quick video, you can use a shorter lens.

For best results, you should record from a side angle. You can also do a close up.

Make sure that the lens is relatively close to the golf ball so that you can crop a frame to the important part of the swing and do a slow motion review if needed.

Accessories To Record Your Swing

In my opinion, you cannot find a reasonable price camera that’s small enough to mount on a golf bag.

That said, I have seen a lot of golfers mount a GoPro on the bag and it seems to work for them.

If you go this route, the microphone ends up being the weakest link.

The other option is to mount a camera onto a tripod and position it on the ground directly in line with the ball.

The tripod gives you a lot better image quality and you can get a mirror image if you want.

However, you will have to use an external microphone and an audio recorder.

On the plus side, you can do a lot of different angles and you have more flexibility with distance.

Editing The Footage

Video Your Swing Starting Today

There are a few key reasons why you should record your golf swing and tracking your stats is one of the reasons.

Recording your golf swing will be the only way that you can see what’s going on in your game and find out what’s needed for you to improve your game.

So, if you’re looking to improve your golf swing, then recording your swing is the quickest and easiest way to help you do that.

By seeing your swing on video, you can see if you’re doing something that negatively impacts your swing.

If you’re not keeping any type of stats while recording your swing, then you’ll have a hard time knowing if you’re improving. And if you’re not improving your swing, then you won’t see any gains in your golf game.

Recording your golf swing will also show you if you’re practicing the right way. It’ll show you if your practice is sticking.

If you’re doing something that is for some reason not helping you improve, but you’re doing it all the time, then you’re wasting your time.