The Ultimate Guide to Correct Golf Ball Position

Create a bend in your knees. Set your shoulders open with your spine in a neutral position. Set your wrists taut and angle them toward the target. Make sure to set a strong grip—sharply bent elbows. And, worst of all, see if you can roll your shoulders… Here’s how golfers can fix their common shoulder get-in-the-way flaws when on the green.

Why You Need to Have a Golf Fitness Plan

Most of us would be surprised at how difficult it can be to make time to play and practice your golf game. The sad truth is that many people take up the game and then quit because they do not understand how golf requires a tremendous amount of focus and effort to improve.

Attention Golfers – Stop Trying to Make a Birdie!

Today’s average score is in the low 80’s. The average golfer scores under par on only one hole per round. To improve your golf game, stop trying to make a birdie on every hole. Read this article to find out what your focus should be.

Why is Smash Factor so Important?

Every competitive Super Smash Bros player should read this. Discover a little-known statistic that informs how skilled a player is, and why you should aspire to play at an even Smash Factor.