What Is Considered a Good Golf Shot? You Will Likely Be Surprised…

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Tee Shots

A good tee shot is just that, not great. Golf is a sport that has a lot to do with the mental part of the game. It’s not about the best swingers in the world, but about the golfers that are able to play their best every day.

A good tee shot is one that is straight. One of the biggest mistakes the average five handicapper makes is missing the green on the tee, or if the shot is on target but not in the middle of the green.

The reason for this is often players trying too hard to hit the ball as far as possible. This is one of the poorest shots a player can take.

When the shot is lined up properly, the player should focus on hitting the ball not only straight but with good height as well. This will eliminate any chance of a penalty and get the ball rolling on the green.

If your shot is on line but not on target, you’ll be happy. And if the ball is on target, great.

Approach Shots

Approach shots, as the name suggests, are those shots that you hope will land by the green. This shot is especially important on par five or par four holes because if you can reach the green, you usually have a much easier putt for birdie.

Approach shots all have a similar shape and are played around your playing level. The common mistakes you will see with approach shots are either the ball will land under or over the hole, off the green, or to the side of the hole.

A perfect approach shot will always find the hole.

Here’s how to increase your chances:

Use a nine iron