Why is Smash Factor so Important?

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Swing Speed is Only Half the Equation…

It’s been a long time since I’ve played Little League baseball, but I still remember the constant stream of encouragement they spilled upon me and my team mates whenever we got on base. “Give’er all you got,” the coaches would say. “Drive that ball out of the park!” “Swing hard!” “Swing for the fences!”

They meant well, but they were looking at their swings from the wrong perspective. Sure, it’s always good to swing hard. I mean, it’s called a swing for a reason! But considering how much your swing speed actually affects your smash factor, you must also maintain the speed of your bat through to the impact point! Yes, the Little League coaches had it right. Bat speed is just as important as swing speed.

Smash factor is determined by multiplying your swing speed by your bat speed. (The only variables that you can control are your bat speed and your contact point) If you want to hit more home runs, you have to hit the ball farther. And that’s not just a matter of swinging hard.

Increasing Your Swing Speed

As you probably know, the Smash Factor is a metric used to compare players on the same playing field. There are many factors that contribute to your Smash Factor, but the one that you can most directly influence is your swing speed.

Most players just don’t know how to create the necessary swing speed without any of these artificial aids that tend to reduce your Smash Factor.

You see, there is a lot of power in your hips and your shoulders. In fact, they are stronger than most people realize. The key to unleashing this power lies in a golf training aid called the Mojo golf club. It helps you take your swing speed to a new level so you can hit the ball further.

Another way to increase your swing speed is to adjust your grip. One common problem that a lot of people have is that they hold the club much too tight. This prevents you from taking a full swing.

Another common problem occurs when people have the grip too far away from the end of the club. This causes you to have less control when you are meeting the ball. As you swing, the club has a tendency to pull away from the ball.

This not only increases the chance of a miss, it can cause you to hit the ball fat. This is not good for PW or SW as the ball doesn’t launch as high.

Improving Your Strike

Smash Factor is one of the most important ways to measure the quality of your bowling. Many professional bowlers improve their game by just focusing on improving their smash factor.

Here is an example:

Normal bowling, a bowler on average will strike the pin with a pin factor of 49%.

But Ansel Brought Bowling uses a technique of increasing his smash factor to 70%! That is a 70% increase from the normal of 49% to smash factor of 70%!

Raising your smash factor can have a huge payoff in your game enabling you to frequently strike the center of the pins and reward you with a string of strikes.

Working With What You’ve Got to Increase Smash Factor

Smash Factor is the new metric that tells us just how well a tennis player is striking the ball. The best players in the world have a Smash Factor of over 115, which means they are only missing the sweetspot on less than 10% of their shots. The average top 100 player has a Smash Factor of 92, which means they’re missing the sweetspot on over 8% of their shots.