Why You Need to Have a Golf Fitness Plan

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Why You Should Be Exercising

Golf is a game of skill and much fun but when you take the game to an extreme, it could cost you and maybe even your health.

Like many games, there are several component parts that can be considered essential to good performance. We have made sure to include all of these critical components to our golf building exercises. It is vital that you consider them if you are looking to succeed.

We hope that you find the list to be helpful in your quest to enjoy the game fully.

If you note any other areas that you feel should be included please feel free to send us details to be added.  The mechanics that you use to swing the club.

You cannot make a successful swing without the correct mechanics. This is what we would call the perfect swing.

This is what we would call the perfect swing.  The health of your knee and hip joints.

Once again we have made sure to include the exercises to keep these joints in position. You don’t want a sore joint on the golf course.

Once again we have made sure to include the exercises to keep these joints in position. You don’t want a sore joint on the golf course.  The length of your drive.

The Benefits of Golf Fitness

Your golf fitness plan is there to help you improve your performance on the course. That said, it’s important to first establish what your fitness goals are.

Some golf fitness trainers help golfers reach their fitness goals in three to six months. If you’re just starting off, it’s a good idea to stretch your goals that far.

These goals will not only help you hit the target you’re aiming for, but they will also help you keep exercising for a long time.

Because maintaining a routine can be hard, all sorts of things can get in the way, which is why it’s important to find a fitness trainer that not only has flexible hours but can also be hired part time when you just need a little motivation.

Injury Prevention

Performance enhancement is a by-product of weight loss, not a main goal. When you lose weight you can do more repetitions of the same exercise because you will become able to combust more calories. This will boost your performance but will do so as the side effect of losing weight.

How does fitness improve golf? You become able to perform more freely while knowing that you have kept the weight in control. This reduces stress and that is what golf is about. Golf is a stressful sport, no doubt, but if you train regularly you will improve your physical and mental strength.

When you play for fun, tune your body and mind so that they react in unison to your desires. In a way, you are de-tuning yourself in order to later re-tune yourself to harmonize your movements with the golf ball.

Dance and golf are related. Being a good dancer is to be a good golfer. What helps a dancer improve? Dancing every day. And so it is with golf.

Try to stay inside the body, not in the mind. Golf is nothing but the body.

My favorite saying is: Golf cannot be played only with the body. But golf can also not be played only with the mind. So you need to stay inside the body. I never want to know what the score is while I play. I want to enjoy every moment.

Adding Power to Your Swing

Your fitness modifies your game in many ways. Swinging a golf club can appear to be a simple movement, but it takes a great deal of power and strength to master.

Your rig is built for repetitive and precise movements that are incredibly powerful. So remember, exercising regularly will add measurably to your game.

In fact, regular exercise can also help to repair damage that occurs to your muscles during a strenuous round of golf. And if you’re religiously exercising each week, you can actually add years to your career as a professional golfer.

So what kind of training do you need? Golf is a sport that is immensely suited to strength and interval training.

This type of training is recommended for golfers because it adds power, speed and strength to your game.

Beginners should take advantage of readily available public courses and try and play golf four to five times a week.

Also, check out some of the fitness products out on the market. Remember you will always benefit from using tools that will make your training easier and more effective.

For instance, you can use golf training aids that reinforce better swing techniques and take your game to a higher level.

Control Too!

So, we’re told to practice control. Yet there is a paradox in that. If you want control in your shots, you can’t hit it long (with power, aka fast), since you have to take the club back, get under it, and give it a lot of speed, in order to achieve the correct ball flight.

If you stand over the ball, try the mechanics I’ve described and don’t hit it very far, the feedback will become clear. You will see and hear yourself throwing the club, and you won’t get any further than you do when you try to lead it (swing the clubhead and not the hands) and hit it hard.

You are misunderstanding what it is to lead it. It doesn’t mean to swing the clubhead and not the hands. It means to lower the swing center through the ball, which starts with the hands and the clubhead, but takes place way behind the ball at impact. That means that the hit was back in your stance and lower in your back.

Don’t Forget About Cardio

Cardiovascular strength is paramount when playing golf. It’s in your best interest to take some time to start a regular”cardio plan. This can be swimming, biking, jogging or anything aerobic.

While golf is not a particularly strenuous sport, it does require a high level of cardiovascular capability and it’s important to start working towards that level as early as possible.

Start slowly so you can get used to the routine and increase your cardio time and intensity as you build up the endurance.

Are You Convinced?

I hope you see now how fit you’ll be if you just continue to play golf. It’s a great sport that you can enjoy your entire life. And part of the fun comes back in retirement when you are able to play just because you feel like it. Just put your clubs in the trunk of your car and go!